OHE March 23, 1998

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 00:04:09 -1000
From: ATCnavy (ATCnavy@aol.com>
Subject: Waimano

Saturday March 21st.

I hiked Waimano ridge today with two friends of mine. We parked our vehicles and began the hike at 8:48am. I had kept hearing, and even read, that this hike is long, yet "The miles just fly by." With this in mind, I began the hike expecting a long day. We soon left the Training hospital behind as we turned left away from the fence line and "really began" the hike. Before long, the valley appeared on the left, and a view of my nemisis, Manana. I still haven't finished that hike yet. Would today be the same? Well, after 2 hours and 40 minutes we arrived at the summit of Waimano. Yes!! I had finally done it. Along the way, I was thankful for the people who did the trail clearing the previous weekend, yet that Aussie Tea was still a sun of a bi**. :) We stayed at the top and ate lunch while dangling our legs over the edge for about an hour. And I have to admit, there really ARE some crazzy hikers out there. I looked left at the KST section to Manana, but I didn't see any trail! How do you guys do it!?! Anyways, we headed back at about the 3 hour and 40 minute mark. The way up was the reverse of the way down, except we stoped to play around with the Prongs, crawdads, creyfish....whatever you call em. Some of those things were HUGE. I had thoughs about bringing a bucket back up there to take em home. Then boil a pot of water..... :)

Well, it was a quick hike. We must have been going at a good pace, cause we emerged at roughly 2:45pm. Total trip time of: 5 hours, 49 minutes. For a 15 mile hike, with a one hour lunch break, I guess we were cruizing.


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