OHE March 15, 1998

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998 20:53:06 -1000
From: Sergio Lotenschtein (loetch@iav.com>
Subject: Maakua Gulch on the dry side
What an awesome Sunday. The mountaintops were absolutely clear. A nice drive over the Pali, pick up the hiking buddies and go to the gulch cause its absolutely dry and we wanted to do rock hopping up the stream.

Drive down the road and lo and behold-- the trees have been raised and a new road is built going up to concrete pipes and 2 outhouse size concrete buildings. This proceeds past the Maakua ridge trailhead, past the abandoned car, ending way past the gulch trailhead.

After the initial and subsequent shocks at what's happened to the woods, we managed to find the gulch trail by looking between two concrete barriers, past the buildings. There is a red van, not that old either. How do those vehicles get there? Is it t he result of some math problem, (how many guys can carry a car into the woods if....you get what I mean).

So be prepared for the shock. As to the hike-- I have never seen the gulch so dry. All the way back to the first pool and the rope. If you're into rock hopping this stream bed is wonderful. What a nice day.

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