OHE 3/8/97--Numero Uno

I've established a moderated mailing list (moderator me [g]) called "Oahu Hiking Enthusiasts" and will post write-ups about recent hikes I've completed. You're on this list obviously not at your own request but because I thought you'd like to read and perhaps contribute info and questions about jaunts into Oahu's backcountry.

If you want to be removed from the list, which will probably amount to only a handful of emails a month, let me know. Also if you have any narratives, questions, or news about Oahu trails and hikes, send 'em in and I'll post them here. New members to the list are welcome so pass the word if you know of anyone who wants to join the ohana.

Here's the lastest haps:

Helped clear the Waimalu Ditch trail with HTMC maintenance gang today. For those who haven't been there, this trail starts at the top of Onikiniki Street right before the entrance point of a gated community. The path contours drops steeply at the start and then contours along the side of the ridge, eventually dropping down to Waimalu Stream. The trail then crosses the stream, heads makai to skirt around the base of a finger ridge, and then continues mauka, contouring along the side of that finger. Several stream crossings follows with a particularly deep and inviting pool at the second of these.

Eventually the trail reaches the base of a ridge at the back of the valley. This feature, referred to as the Middle Ridge because of its placement in the valley, eventually climbs to the Koolau Summit spine. Today, only Wing Ng went as far as the Middle Ridge, hacking open an uluhe-choked trail to a point 200 vertical feet up it. On a previous outing, Wing has ascended the Middle Ridge to just about the summit. Stuart Ball, Jason Sunada, and others have topped out at what Wing calls a "mystical spot," or some descriptive words to that effect.

The likelihood of getting to that spot is now improved because the ditch trail is wide open, having been cleared of low-hanging branches and tangly hau. Wing reported coming out from the back of the valley in 1 hour, 45 minutes.

On another note, tonight, I received an email from Grant Tokumi about his successful ascent of Olomana's three peaks. He has posted some pics of this hike at


Here's an excerpt from Grant's post:

"There are some ropes at the beginning of the second to third peak area again. There are ropes on the decending part, but didn't have ropes on the incline to the third peak. We saw some pegs and some hack sawed pegs where there should be ropes (cables). It would have been nice to have, but we managed alright. But there were ropes on the OTHER side of the third peak going back down on the other side. One guy (Daryn, I think he may have emailed you) tried to go down a little, but he couldn't see where it went. Maybe those guys stole the ropes to put it there on the other side?"

For those who don't know Grant, he and a friend recently did Manamana. A link to pics from that outing should be available at the previosly mentioned URL.

Also, for those of you who don't know the story about Olomana, this past December, vandals (or whomever) removed all the ropes and cables from the mountain just prior to the HTMC's annual pre-Xmas hike. Apparently, some kind soul has affixed new ropes/cables, at least on the long, treacherous descent from peak 2 to the saddle between 2 and 3.

BTW, Patrick Rorie, the guy I mentioned in the Haiku Stairs write-up, told me he and a friend will be climbing Ohulehule via Kahana Valley on Saturday. In his book, Stuart Ball describes Ohulehule as "the most dangerous hike on the island." Anyone interested? If so, I can put you in touch with Patrick.

No Ohulehule for me this time. I have to lead a group of computer newsgroup types (soc.culture.hawaii) on the Kuaokala Trail out Makua Valley side on Saturday. Then next Sunday, it's off to the windward side for Makapu'u-TomTom with the HTMC clearing crew.



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