OHE March 30, 1997

In the next day or so, time and energy permitting, I'll post a write-up about the Big Island trip I just returned from. The HTMC gang I went with did part of the Kohala Ditch trail and an exploratory jaunt into Waipio Valley. Great, great stuff.

What's more, list member Grant Tokumi (gtokumi@aloha.net) emailed me the following on Saturday 3/29.


Grant's post follows:

3 of us just went to Ohikilolo. Nice hike, but there is now a steel fence spanning for around 75% of the hike along the ridge. Must have been put up by the military to keep goats out of their range. They must have blown up a few or something in the past :) Took around 8.5 to 9 hours to complete the hike. I especially enjoyed it because it was the first time I ever hiked on the Waianae range.
The page is at:


BTW, if you noticed before, the links to the different hikes were kind of confusing. My friend had the Hawaii Hiking Gallery, but he didn't update it so it didn't link to my more recent hikes, etc. Now I have control of that Hawaii Hiking Gallery, so the links should make more sense now. The address of the Hawaii Hiking Gallery is:

See ya

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