OHE March 25, 1997

After reading Gaby Canlizo's account of hiking up Manana and coming down Waimano, Dr. Pete Caldwell (Peter.Caldwell@kp.org) emailed me. Pete and I have hiked together on a couple of occasions, the most recent being an ascent of Manana. In the post that follows, Pete makes reference to a helicopter rescue that I might have witnessed one Saturday night in late January while camping on a hilltop at about the halfway point of Manana.

Here's Pete:

"Well, by now you might be up on the Bowman ridge trail headed for Keahiakahoe. Me? I'm stuck in the office so time out to pound out some stuff about hiking.

"I read Gabriela's story this AM about her Manana adventure. A test for that relationship that's for sure. Have to give them credit for hanging in there but not so high marks for judgment. Starting for the Waimano trail at 2:30 or 3?? No chance to make it but the tale had a happy ending and I guess nobody was looking for them. Wonder what other stories she has to tell-I'll have to check.

"Happened to be visiting my friend Aaron who is the fire rescue capt. He told me about a rescue in the Manana area. Sounded like the one you saw. He said it was some navy guy who ended up down in the valley where he was eventually pulled out at nite. The army chopper guys spotted him with their lite sensitive scope. Said that that device is so sensitive it can pick up the most manini lite source so that it speaks well for carrying some kind of lite on trips into the boonies.

"Also told me about rescuing some HT&M guy who apparently took off from the main group and tried to climb out of the valley somewhere. Said he didn't remember the guy's name but that he called in with his cell-phone. Interesting piece in the WSJ talking about abuse of rescue services in Montana where 'individuals who, despite warnings about their lack of preparedness, go into the wilderness, become fatigued and sore, then plop down and demand that a helicopter perform a hazardous and expensive flight into the mountains to fetch them.' Goes on to comment on legislation in Calif. and Oregon creating laws to charge for search and rescue. We now have the same kind of legislation in place but it has been stalled by the City Council and the mayor who is wimpimg out saying that it is too hard to decide who to charge and how much. Boooo - I heard him talking about that on his radio program and sent him a letter including a copy of my editorial in the Journal of Wilderness Medicine on the subject. So far no response.

"Oops, getting carried away so back to work. Thinking about Lanihuli tomorrow. If your plans change and you want to go, leaving from my house at 8 AM. Saving Waikane for Don who is on the mainland for a week.

"Dr. P - Go Bruins!"

Kden gang,


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