OHE 3-18-97

Grant Tokumi (gtokumi@aloha.net) emailed me the other day to tell me about a hike he and some friends did this past Saturday (3/15). The Kamiloiki Ridge he refers to starts at the end of Makahuena Place in Hawaii Kai. The heiau Grant refers to is Pahua. And the switchback trail he mentions isn't Tom-Tom but actually an overgrown jeep road that snakes its way up Kamilonui Valley to an old rock quarry site built by Henry Kaiser and in operation in the 60s.

Wing Ng (wing@lava.net) and I went up Kamiloiki in November (?) and did some clearing of the trail up to the summit. Otherwise, it appears as the trail gets minimal traffic which is surprising since it's situated in the middle of a populous area and "keep out" signs are non-existent.

OK, here's Grant:

"Dayle, a few of us was on the Kamiloiki Ridge this past weekend too!! We went on Saturday though. We started from the other side, on Hawaii Kai, at the bottom of the ridge, we had go across a Heiau to get to the trail. We then hiked along the Kamiloiki Ridge up to the Koolau looking over the Waimanalo coast. We planned to go along that ridge towards Makapuu past the antanae station thing, but that saddle looked too hairy for the bunch of people that went with us. So we turned around and went back the way we came. But I think that is the area that you went on too, by the ironwood trees, etc. We could see the switchback portion of the Tom Tom trail that you went on. What a hot day. Can you beleive that we saw Goats up there??!! Thats the first time I have EVER seen goats on Oahu. They were on top of a peak looking at us when we were eating our lunch. There was around 4 of them. Hmm, actually, you may have seen the tracks if you went on the trail that we went on because we saw the tracks when we continued our hike after lunch, and you went the next day so it must have still been there."
The web page (with pics) of the hike Grant folks took is at:


It looks like the Kalena hike on Saturday won't fly. I'm considering other options, including a jaunt up Mariner's Ridge and then along the Koolau Crest to Pu'u o Kona OR an ascent of the shortcut trail to Bowman and along the spine past the topping out point of Tripler Ridge, then Keahiakahoe, and down the Haiku Stairs.

Hey, this weekend is the start of spring break for me. Gotta celebrate somehow, gang.

Hike safe.

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