OHE 3-12-97

Mike Uslan (kelen@aloha.net) reports the following:
"Here's one for you. Anyone interested in trying the Kawai Nui or Kawai Iki hikes should be forewarned the road is OUT. I deposited my fully built 4-runner in a ditch down there today. And its got lockers too. I needed a winch to get me out. This is on the main road. Stuart Ball calls it "in excellent shape" in his now 5 yr old book, but 5 years of rain have made it next to impossible. I actually had to WALK out, I walked to Opaelua Lodge, and "borrowed" a mountain bike, rode out to Haleiwa where I called a friend for a winch.

It probably wouldn't be as difficult, as long as you go when there's NOT a "Flash flood and small stream advisory"...(like there was today.) Stupid me."

BTW, I've gone hiking and camping with Mike, his wife, and daughter a bunch of times in the past (Poamoho, Kawai Iki, Waimalu Ditch, to name a few). Mike is also the webmaster of the Hawaii 4x4 webpage, which includes a bunch of great narratives about offroad journeys he's taken in Oahu's backcountry.

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