Oahu Hiking Enthusiasts--11 March 97

I mentioned the Middle Ridge to the Koolau Summit at the end of the Waimalu Ditch Trail the other day and Wing emailed me with some follow-up info about it:

Said Wing:

"I was but 5 minutes from the "mystical spot" lookout to the other side. See, the top is a flat plateau, and the last 5 min. should be real easy. I really regret that I didn't do it. But then, I got back to the "base camp" and 3 minutes later it was pitch dark .... I fervently hope that more people would do that hike, and open it up some more."
Wing also offered this about Olomana:
"Descent of the 3rd peak leads to that little ridge that connects to the top of Lanipo. Club used to do the hike from Waimanalo side, (that ascent to the saddle is a part of the Maunawili trail now) turning right to ascend that ridge, and go until the bottom of the 3rd peak. I personally cleared that trail wide all the way to the bottom of the 3rd peak and looked up on it, (with another guy Phil Booth who wielded a chain saw, so it's really clear). So if they did manage to go down that steep descent, it would be an easy walk out."
And Wing adds this about Ohulehule:
"I would hope to get to the top of Ohulehule some day via that route. The slippery stainless steel cable was very intimidating that first time, but usually things get better the second time around. Like the first time I went up the "Nipple", with no ropes at all, was quite scary, but now it's a piece of cake :-)."

"Ohulehule was another one of those 'almost to the top' for me. Stuart Ball graciously informed me that the rest of the way is easy, and he said that he would personally certify that I did get to the top :-), but not getting there is not getting there, there is no getting around it, certifying or no certifying :-("

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