OHE 3-10-97

Daryn (daryn@hawaii.edu) asked about Kalena and Ohikilolo.

The military does not grant permission to individuals to hike Kalena and Ohikilolo. The HTMC and Sierra Club are allowed to do Kalena, officially. All others will be denied and must hike the trail unofficially (read: the "T" word).

The scoop on Kalena is this: if you can get onto Schofield, drive up to the cross, park there, and hike it. No one will stop you.

As for Ohikilolo, the military has refrained from granting permission to anyone, including the HTMC and SC, from accessing the trail in recent years. Dunno why. Nowadays, anyone hiking that perilous route must do the "T" thing. And I saw a couple guys atop Ohikilolo when I was at the Makua Rim lookout near the Mokuleia campsite. I guess that was November or December.

So Ohikilolo is being done, just not often I'd guess.

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