OHE March 8, 2000 (Konahuanui to Olympus via Nuuanu)

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000 21:02:41 -1000
From: Kalalau Rich (kalalau@gte.net)
Subject: Konahuanui to Olympus

Today at 9 AM Ed Gilman and Nancy Rawlins arrived at my house to begin our hike to Konahuanui and crossover to Olympus and down to Waahila State Park where Ed's car was waiting.

Since both Ed and Nancy would be unable to do the superhike this month I agreed to lead them on this hike instead of doing the regular hike with the Solemates (I later found out this to be a good decision as the regular Hauula loop was cancelled due to inclement weather).

None of us had ever done the complete cross over (I had done the Konahuanui to Middle Ridge Manoa last year) and we were all in anxious anticipation of the section including the razor ridge with ironwoods and the mythic sedan rock. I brought 50 feet of rope and my lucky rabbit's foot just in case (don't worry, my rabbit is fine). Nancy told me that she hardly slept at all the night before and had some trepidation about crossing sedan rock. I assured her that I had rope and it should not be a problem.

We walked into my backyard, crossed Nuuanu stream and climbed the steep but short ridge to join the Judd Memorial Trail. We then followed the Judd trail mauka until it turned right to join the Judd Nuuanu connector trail. We then climbed the Nuuanu trail gaining a thousand feet until it joined the Pauoa Flats trail where we turned left and headed toward the Nuuanu Lookout. Conditions were quite good and the usual muddy ascent to the Lookout was dry. Things were looking up for us. We reached the lookout in about 1 1/2 hours.

The climb up to Konahuanui was uneventful and we reached the summit (my altimeter read 3040 feet) just before noon. Conditions were somewhat cloudy but the winds cooperated and allowed us clear views of the windward side. Lanihuli stood in her glory and was quite clear. We took about 30 minutes for lunch and were anxious to start on the crossover.

The Mount Olympus sign is no longer at the junction of the turnoff on the Konahuanui trail. There was no sign (pardon the pun) of it. Having remembered where the turnoff was we had no problem accessing the trail. The trail from Konahuanui to Middle Ridge Manoa is somewhat overgrown but we had no problems hiking it. The views in both directions were quite spectacular along the ridge. We reached Middle Ridge turnoff in about 1 hour 20 minutes.

The rest of the crossover was virgin territory for all of us. We wondered about sedan rock and how difficult it would be. Ed was in the lead. We reached the iron wood section and knew that Sedan Rock was near. We then crossed Sedan Rock without realizing what it was. All of the anxious anticipation apparently helped as we agreed that Sedan Rock was a piece of cake.

We reached Olympus cutoff at about 2:45 and rested for 15 minutes before beginning our descent. At 4:15 we were back at Ed's car. We then feasted on Nancy's homemade brownies and drinks. We talked about how great an experience the summit hike was and how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful place.

Back to my house at 5:15 both Ed and Nancy bid their adieus and we assured each other that we would do many more adventures in the near future.


Kalalau Rich

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