OHE March 6, 2000 (Lanihuli via Mo'ole)

Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 13:46:50 -1000
From: Kalalau Rich (kalalau@gte.net)
Subject: Lost sandal on Lanihuli Hike

On Friday Kristin (a visitor from Germany) and I hiked via Moole Valley to Lanihuli. Along the way she lost one of her sandals (multicolored straps) on the ascent. If anyone happens to find it before I go back on the trail would appreciate retrieving it. Kristin returns to Germany at the end of the month.

We began the hike (at around 8:45AM) from my house on Nuuanu Pali Drive walking a mile on the road before crossing the highway and entering the trail via a hole in the fence. Many ribbons seemed to have been removed from the first part of the trail but having done the hike so many times did not have difficulty finding the way. The weather was ideal and we hiked along the ditch (bone dry) until we got to the tunnel. Kristin was a bit anxious to enter the dark tunnel but boldly followed me. She became a bit more anxious as she thought about how rats like to inhabit such dark and dank conditions. After successfully negotiating the tunnel Kristin felt much better and we began our ascent of the seven waterfalls.

The first waterfall was a mere trickle due to the dry conditions as was the streambed in general. We steadily negotiated one waterfall after another without incident until we reached the final waterfall. There I removed a couple ribbons and repositioned them in order to make it clear that the way over this waterfall is about 50 yards before the waterfall to the right.

After climbing to the junction with the return route it was 12:30 and we decided to eat lunch. I told Kristin that it was about 30-40 minutes to the top of Lanihuli. Initially she told me that she would wait and rest while I ascended Lanihuli as she was feeling tired. However after eating lunch she felt better and decided to go for the top. About five minutes before reaching the summit however she decided not to go any further. At that point the clouds had become thick and were low hanging. I decided to go for it. When I got to the summit it was really socked in. I waited about 10 minutes to see if it would clear and then got up to go back. Just as I rose, the cloud cover quickly cleared giving me a wonderful view of the highway. I was actually somewhat disappointed in the view and on the way back realized that the view coming down was much better. Kristin and I savoured the view for several minutes before starting back down.

We found the spur down to Moole Valley without difficulty but once down were unable to find the way back to the main trail. Eventually after making several attempts to reach the highway through the tangle hau we succeeded in making our way to the fence which we crawled under. It was 5:30 and both of us were exhausted. We walked back to my house, showered and feasted on some pasta.

Another great day of hiking on the island with the best hiking. Oahu no ka oi.



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