OHE March 26, 2000 (kolowalu-waiakeakua)

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 18:25:53 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net)
Subject: Manoa Middle revisited

Today I replicated the end-part of the Superhike last week: I and Jean went up from Kolowalu, crossed over and came down Manoa Middle (can't spell that Wai* word!)

Going up was uneventful. I was a little worried about the sedan rock with no rope, but as we approached, I was elated to see a new yellow rope hanging down the rock. We made it up the sedan rock with no problem. The rope was securely tied to several trees too.

We also surmounted the Ironwood without problem. In fact it is much easier going up than down.

We started down Middle Ridge at 1:30, and the trail was wide open, probably too wide. I went down the place where I broke a finger in August without problem. In fact it only took us 25 minutes. We did the whole ridge to the stream in a little over 2 hours.

We never found the legendary rope leading down to Wai* stream, and so we went down into the bamboo forest. The rope has been there for ages, and was still there last week, and so we may have just overlooked it.

The bottom was strange: Dayle's ribbons pointed left, up the 39 Steps (I counted), and then up and to the left, probably to access the Pia trail to go back to Alani Drive. We did leave one car at the old trailhead at the last houses on Manoa Road, and so we backtracked and turned right to come out there. Jean protested that I should not be ignoring the ribbons, what if we get lost??, and I gallantly took responsibility if that happens.

I was of course right, and we emerged on Manoa Road in a half hour. I didn't remember that part as being so long, and so it might have been just about the same time if we took the Pia trail instead.

Anyway, it was great trail now after the clearing. I did affix another ribbon at the junction of the Middle Ridge with Olympus- Castle contour trail, indicating my Second Coming :-). I kind of swore "never again", but that was going up, and with no trail, and now there is a real trail, makes the Manoa Middle Ridge somewhat similar to the Moanalua Middle Ridge, i.e. not too difficult.


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