OHE June 9, 1999 (Keaau)

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 16:28:55 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Keaau

The Wed. crowd is going to go to Ohikilolo via Keaau. I started driving 8 am and got there 9:10 and they are gone already, leaving only the Dayle-mobile. The FHB Rec. Center gate is closed. I guess it's not hunting season (when it's open) and so it has to be bypassed.

I did not even aim to go to O., that will take me at least two days, but I thought would get to Keaau and a bit farther. One takes the ridge behind the Rec. C., goes up, and then either traverse to the next ridge, or go straight up, when the ridges eventually join. I traversed when going up, and came straight down when coming down.

Unfortunately I lacked energy again today; the humid air with little breeze does not help. I got to the pointed peak that looks like the highest point from the Rec. C. and called it a day. It was 12. I ate lunch and became re-energized, but decided to forego the Keaau trek. Been there, done that :)

Did some trail clearing and ribboning on the way back. Put a lot of ribbons on the final right turn off the ridge, since there is barbed wire and only one place one can get through, and it's hard to locate it coming from the top.

Looking forward to hearing the Story from the Professor :)


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