OHE June 5, 1999 (Hauula-Papali)

Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999 19:12:13 -1000
From: Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Hauula-Papali with the HTMC

Not in the mood for a big hike nor for hiking on my own today, I drove out to Hauula to join Steve Brown and about two dozen hikers for the HTMC's Hauula-Papali outing. It was a nice day for hiking, with brisk trades and mostly sunny skies. In addition to Steve, among those I remember chatting with were Lin Black, Fred Boll and his wife, George Shoemaker, and Clement Aleka-Gorai.

We met at Kam Hwy and Hauula Homestead Road and began hiking around 10:15. First up was the the Hauula Loop (the one on the right), which we went around counter-clockwise. Although not mandated by Steve, the group stuck together for the most part, moving along at a steady, comfortable pace. While ambled along, Fred and I chatted about hiking in the Kealia area, and we're still trying to determine who is responsible for the numbered ribbons and string (Fred calls it dental floss) left along a myriad of trails on Oahu.

Observations: the segment of the Hauula Loop that passes through the Norfolk pine grove is quite beautiful and serene. At different points we met other hikers going around the loop--some were part of our group but had started late and others were just out on their own, enjoying the day.

Today, btw, is National Trails Day, and Steve encouraged us to encourage friends and loved ones to try out hiking at some point. He also encouraged everyone to pick up trash if we found any, and, of course, to pack out any that we might generate from lunch leavings, or whatever.

There is a nice overlook down into Kaipapau Gulch at one point and of the mauka ridge system toward the Koolau summit at another. It was nice to moving slowly so we could take time to enjoy the views and to point out landmarks to others.

Like we did the Hauula Loop, we also navigated the Papali Loop counterclockwise, passing a fairly new picnic shelter, the high point where Papali-extended heads mauka, and finally stopping at a small clearing by a large Norfolk pine for lunch. Thinking the hike wouldn't be that long (it's a total of six miles, says Stuart in his book), I hadn't packed anything to eat. Fred was kind enough to give me a can of sardines. Mahalo nui, Fred.

After eating the sardines, I lay down to enjoy the coolness of the forest, and when everyone packed up and continued on after lunch, I was the last to leave. I could have taken a long nap at the spot but decided that a posthike Big Gulp and snack from Hauula 7-11 was more appealing so I roused myself and set off after the group.

When we reached the ocean-facing side of Papali, I spent some time looking at the dike segment on adjacent Punaiki Ridge. I could even see the cable that Pat Rorie mentioned using when he and Steve Poor first explored the ridge and dike. With dense thickets of Christmas berry intervening, there appears to be no pre-established or easy way to cut from Papali over to Punaiki and I'm not sure creating a way would be worth the effort.

The rest of today's outing went smoothly and after returning to my vehicle, I made the short drive over to 7-11 to purchase the Super Gulp and chicken burrito I'd had in mind during lunch. As I always do, I also enjoyed the drive home along the coast.

Tomorrow, I'll be joining Ken Suzuki and other HTMC members at Kahana Valley to ascend Pauao Ridge to the Koolau Summit. That promises to be a challenging workout.

Safe hiking,


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