OHE June 2, 1999 (Moole Ridge)

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 17:22:05 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Wed. on Moole

Went with Dayle Turner, Charlotte Yamane, Mark Short, etc. (those whose names I forgot, sorry) up Moole ridge, way up, and then drop down into Moole valley to go up Lanihuli.

I got up to the ridge, climbed the narrow and steep section that precedes the turnoff into the valley. I have forgotten why I dislike Moole valley: once you leave the ridge, the "trails" are indistinct, either nonexistent, or there are too many of them. In other words, I rapidly got lost in the dark jungle in steep terrain. I kept hearing the rest of them yelling or talking not too far. I decided to turn back, and yelled out to that effect. I then tied one ribbon right there and turned around: I was horrified that I did not know which way I came up, literally 2 seconds ago!!

So I wandered in the steep, dark jungle, and after 15 minutes did pick up the way we came. I got back on the ridge, and explored some more distance mauka: it continues to be narrow and steep. I came back down, and explored trails below the ridge top that seem to offer a way to avoid the steep, narrow sections. They seem to keep going, and I lost interest after 45 minutes. Then I sat down for lunch at this nice spot that I had lunch last time.

Almost every single one of the ribbons below the ridge was ripped out and thrown on the ground. I was thinking to myself, when I meet this bad guy, I should confront him and chew him out. After all, I am well armed with sharp knife and lopper :). As I was thinking these thoughts, one man materialized, single on a tree trunk, and really startled me. I only said hello and rapidly departed. So much for courageous confrontation of bad guys :)

I did manage to get out, in spite of the lack of ribbons, for one can hear the traffic on the highway and one just has to bear towards the noisy direction. At the parking area there is one more truck bearing the plate "bowhnter". I wonder if that's the guy sitting on a tree trunk in the forest .....


Reply From: James I. Yuen (jyuen@pixi.com>

personally, i REALLY dislike the fact that the trails are riddled with so many ribbons. they confuse more than they help. i think it is much more important to learn to feel the trail. my sources tell me that many ohe hikers are to caught up in getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible and in doing so they miss a lot of things on the trail, including where they are...

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