OHE June 20, 1999 (Waimalu Middle)

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 1999 20:08:54 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Return to Waimalu Middle

Like Paka with Ohulehule, I feel that Waimalu Middle is "mine". Since Super Hike on it is coming up, I went today to clean it up.

The Ditch trail part is boring. In fact the Club hike should be extended to go to at least up the uluhe hill, so that it gets cleared every year. I think NO ONE set foot on the Middle Ridge since I did 7-3-98, and the approach to it, after the last stream crossing, is severely overgrown. All my old ribbons are still there, indicating no one even went in to rip them off. The hunters apparently use another trail going into the forks of the stream, and that trail is much more distinct than the trail going towards the middle ridge.

The uluhe hill is just like 7-3-98, when it was already so overgrown there is no trace of a trail. So it took like 1.5 hours just to clear that little portion. Now it is at least passable.

Beyond, on the level section, it looks pretty bad too. But I have no more energy or time to care of that, and it is quite long also.

The 3rd qtr Super Hike, going up Waimalu Middle, down Waiau, then down a spur to rejoin Waimalu valley, will be a SUPER hike indeed!! I was thinking of starting at 5 am, or camping out somewhere the night before :-)


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