OHE June 17, 1999 (Kipapa Windward)

Date: Thu, 17 Jun 1999 11:35:59 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Kipapa Windward

We are going to attempt the Waiahole Middle Ridge, the one that connects with Kipapa at the top, this Saturday. Meet at 8 a.m. at the Poi Factory on Kam Hwy intersecting with Waiahole Valley Road (?). I tried to organize one last Wed., but no one wanted to go and so that was canceled. But this one is definite, at least me, Steve Poor, and probably Dayle Turner.

I hope Paka-lolo can be there to make a FIRST ASCENT!! This is one that Al Miller "never had time" to do :-)


Reply From: Dayle K. Turner

Today (6/19) Wing, Steve Poor, and I went up but didn't get to the summit. I made a critical error by not putting a rope in my pack. That rope would have been helpful at what may be the only problematic obstacle on the way to the crest--a short, steep ban of crumbly rock that I'd feel much better about if a rope/cable was there.

And there will be one there when we go up again, perhaps next weekend. A visual scan today plus a careful review of a topo map says that we will be successful in acquiring the summit. If so, we'll have another windward-originating route to the Koolau summit, which will open up possibilities for the Kipapa Trail, whose terminus is about a half hour tramp along the crest from the topping out point of the ridge we will climb.

Today, I was surprised that we found no signs of a prior ascent--no swath, no ribbons, no old cuttings, no sardine cans in trees. While it's probable that someone has gone up/come down this ridge before, it looks to have been a long while.

On the way back down, we did a bunch of clearing so that the next time up we'll be able to save time, at least to the point where we turned back. We're likely to have to deal with vegetation blockage higher up but this hopefully won't be too bad. One good thing to report is that clidemia has a minimal presence on the ridge. What there is a bunch of is inkberry, the kind of plant that abounds along trails in Kahana Valley.

Steve asked me to promise that we won't make the summit attempt with the Thursday group since he is enrolled in a summer class during the week and wants to take part in the ascent. That being the case, we have planned to go up next Saturday. Anyone with an interest in joining us can email me for details.

Safe hiking,


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