OHE June 9, 1998

Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 17:05:04 -1000
From: FRED R BOLL (frbinc@juno.com>
Subject: Opae'ula Road


I sent a reply this afternoon to your request for directions but I don't think it went through since anytime I post to this e-mail I get a copy back from Ohe and this time I did not so here goes again.

Entering Haleiwa Town from Weed Circle you come to a cane haul road with a stoplight. Turn right and immediatly curve to the left. The second right is Opae'ula Road. Where you curve left if you go sharp right it goes to Twin Bridge Road. After turning right onto Opae'ula you will see the road has been recently worked on up to about 2 1/2 miles and there are some small farms along the road. These small farms are the reason the gates are all open I think. The road get bumpy but 4x4 is not needed. Come to a fork and stay right. Come to a big house in a Eucalyptus grove and there is a sign on the right announcing Paala uka Pupukea and something about military road. From there the road gets a little difficult. If it dry no 4 wheel is necessary. If it is wet and muddy hike to the trail head from the big house. It is about 45 minutes or so but better than getting stuck.


Reply From: Mike Uslan (killah@off-road.com>

This is a tricky area. Easy to get lost up there. In Haleiwa you turn mauka at the traffic light just north of the Pizza Hut. Go under the bridge, if its Twin Bridge you want make the first right mauka, if its Opaeula rd you want thats the second right. Both roads are about 6 1/2 miles to the end. On a dry day a honda civic with good shocks can make it, on wet days a 4X4 might roll of into the cane. It gets soaked quick too. A dry day can become a wet day before you can turn around too. At the end of Twin Bridge Rd is Bryans Mtn used by the miltary, and a trail thats almost never used to the summit. At the "end" of Opaeula rd are the cabins, (palama uka) and three trailheads down to the flumes. I dont remember any mention of a discernable ridge trail here. However, if you go to the end of Kawainui road and a 4X4 is helpful back here you can gain the Kawaialoa trail. This trail is about 8 miles from Kam Hwy and a bit more difficult to locate. It connects with Opaeula Rd but I wouldnt try it with a vehicle unless you have a lifted 4X4 and either a self recovery winch or a second vehicle to pull you out if you get stuck in one of the large ruts up there. I once got stuck in there and had to walk out.

If crazy Pat wants a ride up there I can arrange drop off service! But I aint going with you guys. Its a lonely mountain up there. Never did see anyone else while I was back there.

I do have extensive write up and descriptions of the trails back there located on www.off-road.com/~killah

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