OHE June 8, 1998 (b)

Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 14:29:57 -1000
From: Dick Beaton (DBeaton@aloha.net>
Subject: Kuliouou Valley to Puu O'Kona to Tom Tom

Intrigued by Grant Tokumi's write up on Feb. 3rd, me and my friends John McCarron and Richard Sasaki decided to give it a go this past Memorial Day. The plan was to hike back Kuliouou Valley, up to the ridge and across Koolau crest to the Tom Tom Trail. I picked John up at Pope Elementary at 8:45 and we proceeded to Kuliouou Valley where we eventually got underway at 9:15. Following Grant's directions we hiked to the dried up waterfall and found the pink just where he said it would be. We kept following the ribbons until we got to came to spot where the trail became obscure and the bright markers could no longer be found.

After looking around for a few minutes we finally found some old fainted markers and decided to follow them. Wallah! It led us straight up the side of the ridge and we picked up newer markers once again. Up and up and up we went, this entire section was very steep and challenging. Eventually I finally realized we were connecting to Kuliouou middle ridge which would lead us up to Puu O'Kona. Actually I thought we would get to Koolau summit closer to the state trail and didn't really plan to go to Puu O'Kona that day. Oh well, it was a real nice climb and I got to see the wreckage of a plane that I heard of from some of my other hiking buddies while doing the Puu O'Kona hike with HTMC.

From Puu O'Kona, the Tom Tom trail sure did look like a long ways off. After we finished our lunch we began our trek at 12:05 PM. From that point on the hiking was truly outstanding with great views from Olamana to Waimanalo. The trail to Tom Tom was fairly well marked and quite dry. It was amazing to me how different the views of the Olamana peaks were as proceeded along and down the Koolau crest. Hiking along the summits in Hawaii is undoubtedly my most favorite part of hiking and this particular one is really awesome and quite enjoyable. We finally made it to Tom Tom at 3:10 and were down in Waimanalo about 30 minutes later.

By the end of summer I hope to complete all portions of hiking Koolau crest from Konahuanui to Makapuu. I believe Dayle accomplished this last year if I'm not mistaken.

Well I'm off to the mainland tomorrow and won't be back on-line till July 5. In the mean time, happy and safe hiking to all.

Aloha, --Dick

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