OHE June 25, 1997

Collette expressed her appreciation for info offered from list members regarding an upcoming trip to Kauai:
Hi Pete,

Again thanks for your very useful information. I will try those numbers, as the Oahu route petered out (no permits left to go statewide after today).

Actually, backpacking it is beginning to sound less and less desirable. I had only wanted to do it that way in order to save us money (only one zodiac company permitted to shuttle out to Kalalau, I called them and it costs a whopping $70!! they get you on the beach about 8am..so that's $140 plus two nights' extra for lodging, another $120 or so, plus all the money saved by not eating out and souvenir shopping for two+ days--I am a tourist, after all!! so dayhiking it is simply COSTLY), but I'm ready to dayhike it.

I'm flipping through Morey's book on Kauai trails, so I know there's a lot more to Kauai than doing the Kalalau. I kinda feel pressure to just do it tohave it done with, and I've just got to see for myself what all the hype is about.

I'm glad also that it is such a hassle to get permits. The guidebooks I've read don't actually say so, but I'm going to need a permit just to dayhike it. It's NOT the camping permit books tell you to get if you hike past that first 2 miles (Hanakapa..i..?), it's a hiking only permit, and it needs to be got in advance.

It's nice to know you need to go through a lot for the privilege of hiking these high-use trails, and I'm not displeased that we can't get one for camping it. Hawaii is so fragile! Can't wait to go back home...

Thanks for the wishes. I hope it doesn't rain. (Too hard, at least!)

Aloha, Collette

Mike Uslan responded:

Rain is unlikely, It gets wet up through and a bit past Hanakapiai, but the rest of the coast is dry. Even in winter, We are also entering a BIG El Nino, so a lot of rain is NOT likely this summer anyhow. Unless a Hurricane spawns. Then rain is the least of our worries. If you go camping for more than one night bring a radio and monitor the weather. Both past hurricanes that hit Kauai were in El Nino years.

Now if you go hiking up in Kokee area well rain is a given. It rains every day there. But you might luck out with the El Nino effect and get a rare clear day up there. I've been there like 20 times and saw it clear once for a few hours.

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