OHE June 23, 1997

Gaby Canalizo sends in the following:
Last Saturday, I hiked Olomana with a group of 25+ people! I'd never seen so many people in any one trail before. Only 8 people made it to the top, among them a little girl 7 or 8 years old. I was very impressed she came all the way to the top. Also, a couple of 4 year-olds made it to the clearing right before the steepest part starts. These are tough toddlers, I tell ya.

I think Dayle said once that he put a rope to climb the rock near the top, but it might have been somebody else. I didn't use the rope because it seemed to me like the left side of the rock made a rather nice ladder. But the rope was crucial for the girl; she couldn't have climbed without it. Mahalo to whoever put it there!

It is an awesome feeling to be sitting at the top with such a view and the clouds rolling in and out. I imagine it must be even better on the third peak. But that's definitely not a family hike...

-Gaby Canalizo

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