Randy's Favorite Oahu Trail

Randy Jackson (ranjack@u.washington.edu)

Subject: Favorite trail

Gotta be Olomana! I wasted many a childhood weekend in the Ironwood grove on the lower flank, often thinking about the day I would muster up the courage to scale the rope on the rock face near the top. I can still remember the utter fear - but I did it! I used to make paper airplanes and sail them off the top into the valley. One time, I watched one spiral upwards and around for the better part of and hour until I lost sight of it - it was awesome....the spirits were playing with me!

The entire mountain was a backyard to me - we would rip-off lumber and stuff from the "new" houses they were building in the Olomana subdivision near Maunawili Elementary - that's where the main trail used start from. Built some awesome, screened in tree forts - but if someone else found it it would get totally trashed - so we built "fake" trails and camouflaged the real ones. Didn't really like to spend the nights there, though....too scary, eh - who knows what's running round dem woods at night!??!?

I still love to do that hike - but it's really changed. The views just ain't the same. The vegetation has really changed over the years as well - seems like it used to be so much more lush and "wet". But the Ironwoods are still happening - so nice when the trades are using them to speak to you about life!


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