Mike's Favorite Oahu Trail

Mike Uslan (killah@off-road.com)

What is your favorite trail on Oahu?

My favorite trail has got to be the trail down to Kalauao in Aiea. (Dayle knows..) I still cringe at the idea that a lot of people know about that trail. I used to live in Aiea Lani by the trailhead, and must have been down there easily 100 times or more. I would be able to hike that trail in the dark. In fact I had to leave a party there one night drunk and in the dark because my dad wanted me home before midnight. I dont remember if I had a flashlight. Probably did. That is MY trail, I helped build the rock wall at the waterfall almost 20 years ago.

I guess the most scenic trail I been on was Na Pali but like 15 yrs ago. I did it again 2 1/2 years ago and must have passed 75 people just on the way to Hanakapiai. That turned me off. I think I want to try the trail from Waipio to Waimanu. That trail looks cool.

.............Mike Uslan...........

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