OHE June 4, 1997

Here's a question for you all out there:
What is your favorite trail on Oahu?
Dayle Turner (turner@hawaii.edu)

Based on number of traverses, the Aiea Loop Trail would have to be the one that I've done most often--maybe 40-50 times in all. Yeah, I know it's considered a novice "baby" trail by some, but there's beauty (nice contour section from the top down toward the Camp Smith junction) and utility (no doubling back needed) on the Aiea Loop that I like. Plus it's located on my way home from work and it can be completed in an hour and a half.

The most awe-inspiring trail I've completed is the two-mile section of the Koolau Summit Trail between Poamoho and Schofield-Waikane. Done on a clear day, that trail provides spectacular views down into Kahana Valley and over much of the windward side. Also spectacular is the way the trail has been carved into the windward-facing pali--a truly amazing feat of human labor.

Okay, you've heard from me--someone else's turn....

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