OHE June 22, 1997 (part 1)

by Dayle Turner

6/20, Friday--Had some time to head over to Manoa and take a jaunt up past Manoa Falls to the top of the Aihualama Switchbacks. The Falls trail, although muddy (as usual), is in superb shape, undoubtedly because of the work of Sierra Club members. The path has been nicely cobbled so that much of the time it is possible to move quickly if one wants without becoming bogged down in gooey stuff.

Also in nice shape is the Aiea Loop Trail which I had a chance to do earlier in the week. Almost all of the blown down trees have been cleared away and one washed out section has been re-graded. Mahalo again to Sierra Club crews and members of the Hawaii Bicycling League. Such good shape is the Loop that I was able to start hiking at 5:30 and move along quickly to finish by 6:50.

6/21, Saturday--Completed what Gene Robinson referred to as "the longest day hike." In the crew with Gene and I were Pete Caldwell, his friend and colleague Don, Patrick "Psycho" Rorie, and his buddy Laredo. Our accomplishment: ascend the Kipapa Trail (6 miles--nearly six hours), head left (north) on the Koolau Summit Trail (2 excruciating miles--4.5 hours!), and descend the Schofield Trail to California Avenue in Wahiawa (8 miles--5-plus hours). We started at the Kipapa Trailhead at 7:20am and reached California Ave. at 11:30pm for a total on-trail time of 16 hours, 10 minutes!! We had intended to go down the Waikane Trail to the windward side, but since it was around 6pm when we reached the KST/Waikane junction, we decided that descending Schofield Trail in the dark (with flashlights) would be more prudent than going down the very overgrown and landslide-scarred Waikane Trail. Patrick and I, with hopefully some feedback from Pete and Gene, will be working on a detailed narrative about the trek that should be emailed to the list in a couple days or so.

6/22, Sunday--I dragged my aching and fatigued body to the end of Pupukea Road at 8am to join 15 other members of Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club maintenance crew (Patrick, looking just as frazzled as I, also was there) for work on the northernmost section of the Koolau Summit Trail (the club calls this hike "Pupukea Summit"). Psycho and I had received prior permission from HTMC trail boss Mabel Kekina to push forward on the KST as far as we wanted--perhaps all the way to the top of the Laie Trail--but after our marathon trek the day (and night) before, we were not our usual gung-ho selves, opting to hang far back in the chopping procession today. Despite the fatigue, I was impressed with the trail section we worked on (it was my first time on it), especially the lookout/lunch spot which offers up some nice views of the Laie/Kahuku area.

Looking forward to reading any other trail hiking reports from any/everyone who had a chance to get out there this weekend.



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