OHE June 19, 1997

Grant Tokumi reports the following about his weekend treks:
Howzit going Dayle! We had a busy weekend. Tried to do the Hidden Valley Hike, but ended up getting lost. The place was just too overgrown. And more worse, it was overgrown with those poky thimble-berries. And we was wearing shorts so felt like we was walking through barb wire. hehehhe. Still a nice hike, I didn't expect to see that little opening with the small pool. Next time its long pants and a machete!!!

And next day, 3 of us went to the Old Pali Trail. That was a nice hike too. I didn't even know the road went all the way down there. The waterfall at the end was quite nice. I was impressed.

Links to pages of these hikes:

Hidden Valley

Old Pali Road

See ya Grant Tokumi
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