OHE July 6, 1999 (Kulepeamoa)

Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 12:34:56 -1000
From: JFEL873@aol.com (Jay Feldman)
Subject: July 4th HTMC Hike - Kulepeamoa

The July 4th, 1999, Kulepeamoa HTMC hike went very well. Coordinated by Wil Kawano and yours truly, we had a total of 34 hikers in attendance, ten of whom were guests. We carefully briefed the group concerning the turn-up point for Kulepeamoa Ridge to avoid the confusion that occurred last week at Ohulehule, and even more carefully explained where the turn-off was from Hawai^̉iloa Ridge back into Pia Valley.

As it was to turn out, even with an abundance of ribbons at that important turn-off point, we had one speedy hiker, graciously remaining un-named, who hiked all the way down Hawai'iloa ridge (street) and had to walk back from the highway to his car. So it goes.

Just like the Aiea Ridge clearing, the weather was perfect and we enjoyed very clear skies and could clearly see the outer islands from our summit; several claims were made that the Big Island was included in the panorama. At the ridge top we were visited by several para-sailors and hang (prone really) gliders who waved at us as we yelled our halloos. Though we were on the ridge approximately when the news reporters later that evening announced the hang-glider accident and Fire and Rescue retrieval, we saw nothing of the event.

The fastest hikers were probably out by noon, or 12:30, while the rest of us were eating lunch with our legs dangling over the windward side of the crest trail. Lovely views of Waimanalo, Bellows, Kailua, Kaneohe Bay and more served as a visual feast to compliment our digestive labor. A light breeze and high clouds kept us comfortable as comments, jokes, thoughts, and the general buzz of good fellowship that arduous communal effort seems to elicit fluttered in and around the happy group.

Hawai'iloa Ridge was dry and in good shape on the way down and we met many July 4th hikers on their way up. Listening to some internal genji I sped ahead to even more copiously mark the Pia Valley turn off (too late for the unfortunate un-named above) and decided to string a ribbon completely across the trail path, weighted in the center with a small log. Hopefully, if not seen I thought, they might trip over it. Happily, every(but)one correctly turned off and Wil, sweeping, removed the trip-ribbon. Arriving back at our cars, I changed into dry clothing and set out my beach chair. Slowly the small groups arrived, smiling at their day^̉s endeavor, beginning the boot removal ceremonies and making mental preparations for their return to low-lander life. One hiker, seeing me so shamelessly seated in my shady spot, looking refreshed and un-used, accused me of having spent the entire day right there. Having no clear evidence to the contrary, I had to wonder if such a lovely hike could actually have been a product of my imagination.

All in all, an excellent Independence Day adventure.

Jay Feldman

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