OHE July 23, 1998

Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 18:16:08 -1000
From: Grant Oka (goka@ns00.phnsy.navy.mil>
Subject: part 3: 4th of July at Kokee

Sunday morning, Georgina and I cooked pancakes and sausages for the motley crew in preparation for the workday that Katy had planned for us. Our last day was spent helping Katy clear out guava and kahili ginger from a nature trail near the Learning Center which connects to the Berry Flats Trail.

Ken and I became weed whacking zombies while some cut and poisoned ginger and others poisoned guava.

Later Ken and I helped Katy fill a mud hole with cut logs to make a rough bridge. Actually, Katy chainsawed some dead ohia and carried two logs for every one that I carried. What a woman!

At lunchtime we were ready to call it quits but before we left, we all picked our fill of Kokee plums. I had been munching on them all morning and they were ono-licious.

So it was, we all did a fair amount of work, and we all had way too much fun for our own good.

This was a very enjoyable 4th of July. Freedom Rules!!

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