OHE July 21, 1998

Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 21:26:24 -1000
From: Grant Oka (goka@ns00.phnsy.navy.mil>
Subject: part 1: 4th of July at Kokee

hi everyone, i was hoping carole moon would write this but since i have a few minutes, here are my recollections:

early fri morning, july 3, bill gorst and 11 htmc members traveled to kauai for a service project at kokee state park. the members were - mabel kekina, carole moon, june miyasato, charlotte yamane, joyce tomlinson, georgina oka, stacy suzuki, ken suzuki, grant oka, jason tsunada, and arnold fujioka. with carole planning the logistics, june in charge of food, and mabel just plain "in charge", this promised to be a relaxing no worries weekend.

bill had arranged this weekend to work on some projects with katy reinhard (sp?), the project manager at kokee natural museum. katy is a beautiful energetic women who is very serious about keeping/restoring kokee to its pristine high elevation rain forest enviroment.

we arrived at the old but renovated CCC camp (civilian conservation corps circa 1930's), stowed our food stores and sleep gear, had a quick lunch, then headed off to a thrilling 4WD ride to a recently re-opened ditch trail (about 4 years ago) that winds in and out of westerm po'omau canyon and joins with Canyon Trail and the Kumuwela Trail.

Carrying picks and shovels, we hiked about an hour in to a steep section that had some landslide damage. 3 hours later, this trail section was wide, graded and hopefully will withstand the next rain and landslide. all of us were covered with red dirt which we washed off in the cold flowing ditch water. some of us hiked further down the trail to experience the awesome splendor of Po'omau Canyon with Mohihi, Kawaikoi and other streams feeding Po'omau stream at the canyon bottom and spectacular Meoloa Falls across the canyon. Kukui Trail and its characteristic ridge of red dirt could be seen off in the distance.

The CCC camp is very rustic and happily provides hot showers and a large mess hall and kitchen. Everyone pitched in with the communal dinner that June had planned and with Mabel as kitchen luna, the dinner preparation was a fun time of talking and laughing about the day's activities.

Everyone knocked out early in the cool (50's) Kokee night. The next day was a early start because those kokee roosters don't the differnce between sunrise and 4:00 am.

After a hearty breakfast, we all packed lunches and rain gear and headed for the Pihea Trail, our destination, the Kilohana benchmark across the Alakai Swamp. (to be continued)

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