OHE July 7, 1998 (b)

Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 08:39:56 -1000
From: Torrey Goodman (tgood808@lava.net>
Subject: Re: Trinity Alps Part 2

Okay....after I express my most insincere aplologies for poking fun @ GME (although it DID keep him on the posting for a bit.... you can't leave now buddy), I'll continue on the story to some more amusing parts.......

Awakened day 3 to low, cool fog in the morning which burned off around 9am to show another spectacular day. Clear blue skies, refreshing breeze, and the scent of pine in the air. Some of the gang was worn out and our campsite was so excellent, that we decided to stay on there another night. John, Glen and I chose to take a day hike up to higher country while the other ladies explored along the river. We headed out with just butt packs with snacks and water. It was a lovely trail steadily winding along a river in a gulch with huge redwoods, ferns, and the ever-present poison oak. As I was moving right along in the lead, I suddenly heard that unforgetable sound.....tssssssss.........having lived in Arizona many years, I instinctively knew it was a rattlesnake.... but WHERE??? I quickly located the source of that heart-stopping, sphincter-tightening sound at 6 inches from my boot. SO I did what any intelligent person would do in that circumstance... I let out a SCREAM... and jumped straight backwards into my unsuspecting hiking partner, who coming from Hawaii, has never had the pleasure of hearing a rattlesnake, and could not figure why I was throwing him backwards like a sumo wrestler. Somehow, it was rather difficult to consider the rest of the hike that day as a "walk in the park" after that. But onward we went after MR. Snake hissed off up a hill rather slowly by my standards.

So we kept climbing upward, with my heartbeat continuing at 140 beats per minute for another 20 min. Lunch/snacks were in this beautiful grove where there had been a gold mining camp in the 1850s but had been destroyed during the IndianWars in the 1870s. It was amazing to find occasional bits of metal/mining stuff, but no evidence of any structures there. John's feet were bothering him, so he turned around and Glen and I continued along. We found an old cabin another hour along the way which looked like it had been in use recently. Awesome location for a romantic getaway........uuummmm..........okay... back to the story......

We decided on a 3pm turnaround to get back to camp before dark. At one stream crossing, I went off into the brush along a faint gametrail, and while watering a bush, suddenly noticed that the piles of moss-covered rocks next to me appeared far too organized to be natural. After finishing my original task, I began exploring the area and soon came to realize there were several rock walls that had crumbled into piles and were now completely covered with vegetation and moss. It was pretty exciting to realize these walls were likely over 150 years old. The latent archaelogist in me was enthralled. The rest of the hike back to camp was pleasant and uneventful. However, John had taken a wrong turn when he went back alone earlier, and was just coming in when we did...very tired and plenty sore feet for him.

THe evening was very pleasant as we enjoyed a vegetarian chile and rice. But the best suprise was the tequila which john had brought, and mixed with crystal light lemonade and fresh lime to make Marqueritas (spelling??). Oh.. the pleasure.... We talked story by the fire and played cards until that lovely feeling of overwhelming fatigue sent us crawling to our tents.

Stay tuned for the final episode featuring MR. Scorpion!!!!!!

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