OHE July 30, 1998

Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 08:25:03 -1000
From: "Arthur W. Neilson III" (art@neilson.ddns.org>
Subject: Pau Hana Hikes

The days are long now with the sun setting around 7:45 or so. What hikes are your favorite Pau Hana ones? I've been doing the Aiea Loop Trail after work twice a week lately, packing up my hiking clothes and gear the night before and leaving it in my truck so I can go directly from my workplace to the trailhead. An example of this is my Pau Hana hike yesterday afternoon.

I left work at about 4:50PM and arrived at Keaiwa Heiau State Park at approx 5:25PM. I parked my truck at the top of the park by the bathrooms and quickly changed clothes in my truck. I was on the trail at 5:30PM walking as quickly as possible up the wide open path.

Reaching the top of the trail at 6:00PM, I took the short trail connecting to the Aiea Ridge Trail and stopped in a clearing with a spectacular view of Halawa valley and the ugly concrete ribbon that is H3 piercing the heart of the Koolaus. After about 5 min of soaking in the view I took off again, now jogging/running down the wide path. The trail is all downhill until you cross the stream which makes it easy to trail run. I arrived at the junction with the trail leading to Camp Smith and the switchback leading down into the valley at 6:30PM. Continuing to run, I took the switchback down into the valley and crossed the stream at 6:35 then began my ascent of the switchback leading back up to the road/parking lot. I arrived there at 6:45 and walked the road uphill to my truck, reaching it at 6:50.

Aiea Loop makes a perfect Pau Hana hike and a great workout. 5 miles in an hour and a half, not bad! I don't think I could do that on any other trail, it is so easy and the slope is pretty gentle.

What other hikes could one fit into the end of the day without coming out in the dark like Paka? I'd be interested in hearing what Pau Hana hikes you other folks are doing.

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