OHE July 19, 1998 (B)

Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 22:22:08 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Laie and Paka's summit romp

I skipped out on trail clearing today to attend the HTMC club hike up the Laie Trail. Actually, I had an excuse for not being at Koloa Gulch for trail maintenance since Laie hike coordinator Steve "Kawiwi" Poor requested my assistance on the hike.

Because Steve lives out near Waimea Bay and didn't want to make the long drive to town and then back to Laie, he asked if I could meet whoever showed up at Iolani Palace for the pre-hike briefing. I agreed, meeting about 10 folks at the Palace, giving a short spiel, and sending them on their way to the North Shore where we'd be hiking. Pat was also at the Palace to lend moral support.

About 30 folks in all were attendance when we started hiking from the community park on Po'ohaili Street at 9:30, including Paka "Eat-my-traildust" Rorie, Dave Webb (OHE), Stuart Ball and wife Lynn, Richard McMahon (OHE), Naomi Nasu, Joyce Tomlinson (HTMC VP), among others.

I don't know if it was because there were several pretty wahines in attendance, but Paka was like a greyhound chasing a mechanical rabbit during the ascent of Laie. Steve had asked me to stay near the front of the pack on the way up, and I figured what better way to accomplish that but by trying to shadow the great Paka-lolo. Although I nearly suffered from cardiac arrest in the attempt, the result was an astounding 2:05 time for me from car at community park to summit foxhole, nearly 25 minutes faster than my previous best.

Except for the descent after lunch, my work was done for the day. However, Paka's labors were far from over. After a half-hour lunch, Pat set off at high noon on the KST, bound for the terminus of the Castle Trail, which he'd descend to Punaluu. Before leaving, he tried to coax Dave Webb and I to join him, but we both declined, Dave because he didn't pack enough water, and I because I didn't feel like who-knows-how-many- more hours of self-torture.

But the day was a beauty, with sparkling, sunswept views to windward and leeward. Accordingly, Pat couldn't resist the call of the KST and his Koolau crest playground even though he'd be hiking solo. So off he sprinted toward Castle, uluhe shards flying off the cleats of his Nike Landsharks.

Of the 30 who started the hike, about 20 went all the way to the summit. And just about everyone stopped at the swimming hole either going up or on the way down. I opted for the latter, spending a leisurely 45 minutes swimming, exploring a bit upstream, and sunning on the rocks at the foot of the pool. Nice.

The rest of the hike was uneventful, and I, along with Mike Algiers and Dave, reached our vehicles at just past 4. I then headed over to the beach park in Hauula where the trail clearing gang was meeting for post-Koloa Gulch clearing refreshments and spent a couple hours there talking story with da gang.

And although Pat had said he'd catch the bus from Punaluu back to his car in Laie, I figured I'd wait around for him to make sure he got out okay.

And he did, arriving at the bus stop on Kamehameha Highway across from the Sacred Falls parking lot at just past 7:30 (he had descended the Nipple Trail [aka Waiahilahila aka Kamapua'a] instead of Castle).

I'm sure he'll tell us about his adventure at some point (but GME needs Kalalau appeasement first, I think) :-).


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