OHE July 19, 1998

Date: Sun, 19 Jul 1998 20:57:41 -1000
From: Gabriela Canalizo (canaguby@palila.ifa.hawaii.edu>
Subject: Car ripoffs & Maunawili

I think it's ironic that I asked Dayle about car ripoffs just two days before my own car got broken into...

On Saturday, I hiked Maunawili with a couple of friends. We parked one car in Waimanalo, and then drove my car to the hairpin on the Pali Hwy, and started hiking from there. We must have left at around 2pm. We took it really easy. As some other OHE member pointed out, the trail seems a lot longer than you would think. Anyways, it was a nice and enjoyable 9 mile hike. We got back to the hairpin at around 6:30pm, only to find that my car had been broken into. They broke the lock, got in, searched through the whole car and trunk, and **OF COURSE** found nothing valuable. Good grief, why would anyone want to break into a 1986 local car? There's rust dripping from the sides! The only valuable thing I had in my trunk was my soft surf racks (worth about $35), which, oddly enough, they didn't take. Even the cop thought it was odd they broke into my car.

Well, now I'm left with a broken lock which I have to repair. There goes my hope for a new pair of boots. It's a big bummer.

Only 3 months ago I was on the Big Island, drove to South Point and walked to the green sand beach. When I got back, my rental car was broken into, only that time they broke the window. Once again they found nothing, and didn't bother to steal my slippers... Since I didn't have insurance, I had to pay over $300 for the window. Man, at this rate I'm going to be real poor real soon... So Dayle, I don't think you are being overly cautious at all.

I do wonder if I shouldn't leave my car unlocked from now on. Seems like that would save the thieves some time, and me some cash...


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