OHE JuLy 12, 1998

Date: Sun, 12 Jul 1998 19:28:18 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: Yet another attempt on Kawiwi

This is Steve Poor's 4th attempt, and my 2nd. You gather by now that we did not succeed.

Met out there and started walking from the gate at 8:50. Got to the 2nd water tank and turned left into the stream. Then walked another 10 minutes and started ascending a ridge.

At first very steeply. Then not so steeply, but quite overgrown. Then it levels off and becomes not so overgrown, the nicest section. Then it starts getting steep.

Each person has his phobia. I am afraid of going up on loose dirt, Steve is afraid of rocks, Paka and Professor are afraid of the unknown, and the Kuliouou West Ridge :-) !

This is steep loose dirt, with bushes that pull out easily. Every 5-10 feet there is a sturdy bush/tree, but not closely spaced enough for me. Steve got quite a bit ahead, and I was struggling, and finally I screamed "I am stopping", "Why?", "I feel dangerous!", "Why, this is piece of cake." At last I found a solid rock, which I like, and was about to climb it, and Steve looked down, and said "hey, that rock is dangerous, don't do it, go to the left", and the left is more loose dirt, I like that solid rock much better.

Finally he and I both got up to a nice ledge, and we admired what's ahead, which is black, rough-hewn lava-rock, on a 20 feet wide ridge. Piece of cake, I thought. Steve says, "this is dangerous rock, we'd better stop, and have Patrick come with us next time and lay a cable." I thought "for God's sake, this is merely maybe Koko Crater territory, no need cable, I can probably just _walk_ up!" Anyway, we agreed to retreat, and noted there is deep and vertical chasm to the left, and there is a pinnacle on that next ridge to the left.

We have been trying to get to this 2656' spot, with a ridge that is heavily forested near the top, but we could not find it. Look in a topo, and you see that one must follow a side stream quite a ways, and then it splits, and the "middle ridge" that comes down is the one; which makes it hard to find, it's not right off the main streambed. If you look for "Waianae Kai Forest Reserve", the "R" of Reserve, just to the left of it, is what I think to be our ridge today. Note that to the left of our ridge, at 2200, is a tiny oval, that's probably the pinnacle we saw to our left. We were about the same altitude, namely 2200'.

So came back down (no problem coming _down_ loose dirt for me), and had lunch, and then walked back. Steve wanted to do this Kolealiialii peak, "because it's there", and so we turned left on the paved road, and walked bushwhacking through dryland forest. Then I saw a gully! That means we have to go down, go back up, and then climb, and then do it again as we come back. I reluctantly went along (it gets hot in the lower altitudes in Waianae, and it's July, and it didn't rain), across the gully, and then up two bands of cliffs, both of which conveniently have "chutes" one can climb up. After getting up the 2nd chute, it was gentle slope through haole koa forest, and I gave up! Did all the hard parts, and there is no sense killing myself in the heat. So Steve went up to the top, and I lay down taking a short nap at the top of the 2nd chute.

Having taken care of that interlude, we finally got to the cars and drove away.

I stopped by Waikele, since it is rare that I go out that way, to pick up ribbons at Eagles Hardware. I also admired the machetes and loppers they carry. I have been using $9.95 Sears loppers for ages (which one is lying forlorn and rusting on top of Waimalu Middle, waiting for rescue by gallant Dr. Robinson), and got amazed at the huge selections available. There is one cute little one, less than a foot long, $27, that claims to cut 1.25" branches, same as the $9.95 model, and I bought that. There is another really tempting "Porsche" also, $69 whopping dollars, aircraft aluminum handles, huge aggressive blades, that is supposed to cut 2.5" !!! Whoa, imagine the kind of destruction I can inflict with a weapon like that?! Unfortunately I had little cash, and don't carry credit cards with me on hike days, and so I had to "think about it" ....

That Kawiwi, needs a toy badly, namely, a GPS. One can input certain locations from a topo, and make them into waypoints in the GPS, and then one just follows the waypoints and will surely be able to find the ridge. I did buy a GPS back in Feb., but I hate reading manuals on complicated electronic gadgets, and so have not learned how to set waypoints yet. Well, someday .....


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