OHE July 2, 1997

Pat Rorie sent out this query to OHE list members:
> Hello fellow Oahu Hiking Enthusiasts !

Please take part in the following survey...

It appears that only a handful of us send in write-ups about our hiking experiences. I'm curious as to why more OHE members don't send in e-mail describing where they went, condition of trail, etc. Is it because of the following...

  1. the hike you did wasn't that awesome (shame) ?
  2. you think you're not that great of a writer (shame) ?
  3. you don't like to write ?
  4. you don't have time to write ?
  5. you don't hike but enjoy reading what others have done ?
  6. other

Please respond to this survey.

== Patrick

And the responses rolled in:

From Randy Jackson:


Eh - you guys stay so awesome dat when I go hike from da parking lot to da Pali lookout, I no like post about it - BIG shame!

But hey - I like to read these wonderful stories.....some of these places I have been in the past, and others are new to me. It's all great, great stuff - I can smell the rotten guavas as I read. A lot of it is hard core hiking reports (right up my alley) - so maybe people don't think an afternoon up Round Top is that noteworthy, but it is....especially to guys like me who are mainland bound and miss those mountains very much.

I could report about the Washington Cascades but we had an awesome snowpack this year, so the really good stuff is still weeks away from getting up into. But I'd rather hear about Hawaii - you'll get about two reports from me per year after each of my bi-annual trips back to the isles. Last February we did Poamoho - this fall I'm hoping to do Konahuanui, but unlike some of you I'm not going to commit until I know it's not going to be raining hard.

Keep it coming!


From Nancy Brent:

Dear Patrick,

I don't write about hiking in Hawaii because I don't live in Hawaii! I just subscribed because I like reading about other's hiking experiences. Maybe it will inspire me to hike more around here. I do live in the country! (middle Tennessee)

Nancy Brent

From Doug Walker:

Aloha Patrick:

Unfortunately I am a local boy living in New York City. My activities here include golfing, fishing (fresh - large and small mouth bass and salt - striped bass and blues), mountain biking and jogging. No hiking on the menu. However, the next time I'm visiting my parents, I'll hike with you guys and do all the paperwork. Thanx for the time and effort - I enjoy reading your tales.

Doug Walker

From Mae Moriwaki:


Am guilty of not sending in hike reports. Mostly SHAME. My hikes are pretty mundane (yawn factor) and I'm not a good writer; time is definately a factor. But will try to reform.


From PoiDogTom:

Guilty as charged! My wife and I hike frequently and enjoy reading the posts but have never submitted a trail report. How come?

First, the excuse...

We're pretty pheisty old pharts but we have little desire to accelerate the kids' inheritances by gambling our well seasoned yet rickety okoles on suspicious cables and slippery slopes. We stick to well known trails and tend to amble along together, chatting, admiring nature, breathing deeply and getting some exercise. For us, time, degree of difficulty and distance are subordinate to the simple joys that come from walking the aina. We consider Kuliouou Ridge a reasonably challenging hike. In other words, there's little drama to our hiking and, compared to the wonderful reports on the list server, most readers would find our stories pretty mundane.

Then, the guilt...

Ok, Ok. The excuse is pretty weak. We know that a special interest mailing list only survives through the active participation of all its members. Takusan lurkers and sukoshi writers is not good.

Now, the resolution...

We hereby promise to reform and submit reports on our hikes. You'll no doubt find our comments to be as common as mouseburgers at an owl convention so feel free to use the "delete message" key.

And finally...a question...

So many of the best hiking areas are classified as closed to the public. From time to time we ignore the signs but are never really comfortable with the transgression. Are we the only folks who are bothered by this? Do mailing list members have suggestions about closed trails that are, shall we say "informally" open? Has anyone been busted for hiking a closed trail? If so, what happened?

Kind regards,


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