OHE July 11, 1997

Sergio Lotenschtein sent in the following report about his traverse from Mariners ridge to Kamehame ridge:
This past sunday 7/6 two of us decided to see what condition the crossover from Mariners ridge to Kamehame ridge was in. Glad to report that there if you stay toward the ridge side most of the trail is passable, and you'll be collecting lots of kuku's for your trouble.

Interesting to note. There are some trail markers up there and two very new cables (sorry I didn't research the ridge and valley names this was so spontaneous). The rock is extremely crumbly so do not rely on them. If someone goes there bring some rope is could be useful.

Also ran into 3 goats. One large black one and two brown ones. I'd heard of the goats and now you know that its a fact. If I get a moment I'll sit down to detail more of the hike. Just wanted you to know so you can inform the rest of the hikers of a real nice challenging 5-6 hr trek. Bring lots of water and long pants.

See ya...sergio

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