OHE July 1, 1997

Gaby Canalizo asked about hiking trails on Maui:
Aloha hikers,

I will be in Maui this coming weekend. Any nice hikes you know of? I'm looking for relatively easy hikes on the shorter side (less than five miles). The people I'm going with are not super hiking enthusiasts, so it shouldn't be anything too hard. I don't want to go to Haleakala or Iao (been there too many times). I'm particularly interested on hikes around Hana but any other place is fine too.

I know this is not the appropriate list, but I'd also appreciate any suggestions on surfing/body boarding in Maui.



Dayle Turner chimed in:

Tim Kern has a pretty informative web page with info about Maui trails.

The URL is-- http://www.maui.net/~tkern/hiking.html

Have a nice trip, Gaby. We look forward to hearing about your adventure.


Wing Ng added:

There is one Kealaloloa Ridge trail that I really liked but did not finish for lack of time, that is described in Robert Smith's book "Hiking Maui". It starts near McGregor point lighthouse, and goes up north.

The State recovered an ancient trail that is perpendicular to Kealololoa couple years ago that is said to be quite easy and spectacular. It is east-west roughly in orientation, starts on Hwy 30 near intersection with 31 to Kihei and comes out near Ukumehame Canyon. I've not done that one, but newspaper/magazine printed pictures that are fantastic. Forgot the name though .....


Mae Moriwaki also added:


If you get the chance, try Waihee Ridge (far from Hana) If I'm not mistaken, (fingers crossed) there's a good chance that the rare yellow-orange lehua is blooming now. (BTW for Oahu hikers, the orange-yellow is blooming on the Halawa trail). If you love lehua, like I love lehua....

In Hana area, try the trails off of the visitor's center by Seven Sacred Pools (Kipahulu). Plenty people, but beautiful waterfalls.

One thing I've never done, but have wanted to is to take the ditch trail down to Hana. (parallels the main hana highway) Am positive this would be illegal, and am not sure if "they" have blocked it.

Be careful of Twin Falls, very high rip off area.

Am jealous... wish I was on Maui.

Have fun!


Grant Tokumi jumped in with the following:

My cousin told me about a hike to the big "L" that sits in the middle of the mountain in Lahaina. I've never been on it so I can't give any specific details. But I can guess that the hike might be maybe 2 hours in.

Grant Tokumi

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