OHE July 13, 1997 (part b)

Kurt Heilbron contributes the following report:
Pu'u Kalena 7-12-97

I had been looking forward to hiking with Dayle and Pat for quite sometime. After a brief chat with both the night before, I decided to join them on the quest to Kalena.

We met at Blaisdale park at 9:45 and car-pooled over to Kolekole pass in Dayle's car. We shared hiking stories as we headed out to Schofield. At around 10:28 we started up the trail towards our goal, Pu'u Kalena.

This hike gets down to business right away. The ascent is somewhat steep but not steep enough for Pat who seem to just fly on up the mountain [grin]. Man, can this guy move! (And I thought I was in shape!) As Dayle mentioned we passed some military guys on their way back down. They looked a bit beat. Well, we pressed on and made it to the first peak in about 20-30 minutes.(?) We took a short break here and started towards the second peak. The dike sections on this hike are legendary. Some places need to be negotiated with extreme care as the edges drop off and the winds are strong. We also came to a rock section with some puny little rope to assist. Dayle and I decided not to use the rope as it looked like it was meant for the smurfs or something. I mean, this rope is thin and I don't recommend using it.

The views are what this hike is all about. You can look across towards the Koolaus or gaze over all the way out towards Ohikilolo. You also pass through some really neat forest like sections including a perfect campsite. I stopped and ate a few strawberry guavas on the way.

On we pressed towards the third and final peak. The final ascent on this trail is steep and a bit slippery, especially on the return trip. There is also a fair amount of thorny bushes so gloves are highly recommended. I didn't bring any but still managed okay. At the top, there is a shady area and somewhat of a clearing. The views are really on the ascent up to Kalena.

We all sat under some shady trees and gulped down our water and ate some snacks. I have to say this hike gives you a good cardio workout. I was tired and a bit week because of a cold. Nevertheless this hike is no walk in the park. Dayle and I rested and shared more hiking stories as Pat decided to explore a little further down the trail. Dayle and I followed but turned back because the section was so overgrown and we really didn't feel like going on any further. About 20 minutes later, Pat returned a nd shared with us what the latter section looked like. We took more pictures and then decided to head back down.

Going back down was interesting. It's very slippery and we all took a few spills. I even lost my camera with all the pictures I had taken. Oh well. The wind started to kick up bigtime and Dayle and I got blasted on the way down. The wind makes the dike sections even more challenging. Pat took some really cool pictures of the dike sections too.

At around 4:30 P.M. We made it back to our starting point. A bit tired but feeling good, we headed back to Pearl City. This time we went the Kunia road route so we could see the Waianae range and the peak we had just conquered.

This hike was one of my favorites so far. The views are unreal and the trail is a good challenge. Dayle and Pat are super and I look forward to hiking with them again in the future. In addition to being some of the nicest guys I've ever met, these dudes know their stuff on the trail and I felt very safe and secure hiking with them. Much Mahalos to Dayle Turner and Patrick Rorie. Let's do it again! Ohulehule Southeast ridge?

See some pics from the Kalena hike.
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