OHE July 7, 1997

Sent in by Dayle Turner

Greetings, gang. Here's what happened hike-wise this past weekend--

==Friday, July 4: (Happy Fourth of July!!)

Called Pat Rorie in the morning to express my regrets about not being able to join him and Laredo for a trip up Ohikilolo since I had a lunch time picnic to attend. After fulfilling that commitment, I motored over to Kuliouou where I went up the ridge on the left side of the valley (also known as "Kuliouou 2" on the topo map or the "middle ridge" according to Wing Ng). I negotiated the two rope tricks, made my way up to Pu'u o Kona, crossed along the summit spine, passing the eroded hill that is the topping out point of the Kuliouou switchback trail (aka "Kuliouou 1"). I then continued on for 20 minutes and descended the Haihaione Trail which drops down Mauna `Oahi Ridge, switchbacks to the back of Haihaione Valley and terminates at the top of Haihaione Street. The 45-minute walk back to my car along the residential streets of Hawaii Kai was the least pleasant part of the hike. When I got home and checked a topo map, I discovered that I would have done much less road walking if I had descended the west (ewa) side of Mauna 'Oahi to Ka'alakei Valley and followed a trail to Kawaihae Street. Another time.

==Saturday, July 5:

Joined hiking physicians Pete Caldwell (pekelo@lava.net) and Gene Robinson (gene@lava.net) for an ascent of Lanihuli (2,700'), the massive peak that sits on the Koolau spine between Nuuanu and Kalihi Valleys and which is mentioned in many a Hawaiian song. A rain shower hit during the first hour of the hike and had us thinking we'd have to scrap the outing; however, as good fortune would have it, the skies cleared and the clouds blew free of the summit making for great trekking and viewing conditions. We negotiated the overgrown but still discernible trail, some muddy slopes, the infamous crawl/straddle section, and the final steep ascent, making it to the top about 5 hours after we began. After eating lunch at the summit, we descended without incident. A more detailed narrative is forthcoming (hopefully).

==Sunday, July 6:

Joined the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club gang out on the windward side for maintenance of the Kuolani-Waianu Trail in Waiahole Valley. Members in attendance were Mabel Kekina, John Hall, Bill Gorst, Ralph Valentino, Michael Valentino (the recipient of a post-hike birthday cake and presents), Will Kawano, Jay Feldman, Charlotte Yamane, Naomi Nasu, June Miyasato, Lita Komura, and Pat Rorie.

Kuolani-Waianu is done as a 4 to 5 mile loop route and includes sections on a jeep road, through a strawberry guava forest, and along the Waiahole Ditch Trail. Rain is a frequent visitor to Waiahole Valley and we were dumped on on several occasions. Nonetheless, we completed our task by noon, hacking the trail free of uluhe, guava, and various other encroaching vegetation. Mountain apple season is nearly here and many trees in the valley are laden with juicy fruit. Yummmm....

On a somber note, we received word that the father of HTMC president Grant Oka has passed away. A memorial service for Mr. Oka is set for Wednesday at the Elk's Club. Deepest sympathy and aloha is extended to Grant and his ohana.


One of the OHE list members told me he and others planned to attempt the Haiku Stairs on Saturday, 7/5. Stay tuned for word from him on how that outing went, particularly since the access holes in the fence from the Omega Station grounds have been wired shut recently.

Pat Rorie told me he's thinking of starting an "After-Work" series, detailing the various hikes he's done or will do after pau hana time from his job. As you'll recall, the Psycho-man, who also christened himself Paka-lolo (Pat="Paka" in Hawaiian; "lolo" means "feeble-minded" for Patrick's obsession with danger-laden hikes), recently recounted his post-workday trek up and down Pu'u Kalena. In the works is an account of a hike up Kaiwa Ridge and more. Stay tuned.
Several list members went on trips to the outer islands. We're hopeful that these folks write hike narratives to share with us.


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