OHE July 16, 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Art Neilson wrote:

> I've hiked from Mariners to Kuliouou many times. The ribbons come and go, > there used to be good ribbons for about 1/2 way to Kuliouou then they > peter out.

And Dayle Turner commented:

I hiked Kuliouou 2 to Haihaione recently and can report that ribbons exist on that stretch. The trail in that segment is fairly obvious, though, sticking to the crest almost without exception. Earlier this year, I did Mariner's to a point just short of Haihaione (I was sick and turned back). Can't remember many ribbons along that stretch but none were really needed since the route is basically open.

At some point, Pat and I plan to lead an HTMC hike from Mariner's to some point along the spine west of that. At a minimum, we will take it to Kuliouou 2 but we could take it as far as Kulepeamoa or Hawaii Loa. This trek will be part of once-a-quarter HTMC "super hike" series we've been asked to consider leading (members only, pre-hike screening, flashlight and space blanket are required equipment). :-)

Some HTMC super hikes Pat and I are tossing around include--

1) Konahuanui-Olympus: do-able in a day with one tricky cliff section per HTMC vet John Hall.

2) Poamoho-Laie: Pat, Laredo, Pete, and I did this on 5/26. 1.5 hours up Poamoho, 6 hours to Laie, 3 hours down Laie.

3) Poamoho-Schofield: Pat and I did this in early May. Awesome stretch on the summit trail on the way to Schofield. Total time about 7 hours.

4) Waikane-Schofield: Pat and Laredo did this in March or April. Waikane is very overgrown and marred by landslides.

5) Mariner's Ridge-Hawaii Loa Ridge: Never have done this in one shot. Should be interesting and challenging.

6) Ohulehule via Kahana Valley: One of Pat's favorites. He did this at least three times, most recently on July 13.

7) Kipapa-Schofield: The "Ultimate Day Hike" on Oahu. Pete, Gene, Laredo, Pat, and I did this on June 21, taking 16 hours to complete the trek. Access to Kipapa trailhead via Pineapple Road is conditional.

8) Pupukea-Laie: The only KST section that Pat and I have yet to complete. HTMC vets Bill Gorst and Kost P. told me of doing this as a 7-8 hour day hike.

9) Aiea Ridge-Halawa Ridge: Pat did this earlier this year.

10) Lanihuli: An easy day hike, relative to the others listed.

11) Kawailoa Ridge-Laie: Eight folks did this on April 26. Hike took between 9-10 hours.

12) Poamoho-Castle or Poamoho-Kamapua'a or Poamoho-Kaipapa'u: HTMC does Kamapua'a (officially) and Castle (unofficially) regularly. The Poamoho ascent and KST to Castle leg should take 4-5 hours. The descent to the windward side via any of the listed ridges should take another 3 to 4.

13) Waianae Ka'ala-Dupont: A nice traverse of Oahu's highest point.

14) Waimalu middle ridge-Waiau: probably not do-able in one day but we'll see! :-)

15) Manana-Waimano: 3 hours up Manana, 2-3 hours for the crest traverse, 3-4 hours down Waimano.

16) Waimano-Aiea Ridge: Pete's paddling buddy, Keith, did Manana to Aiea Ridge, spending two nights out. The shorter version should be do-able as a long day hike.

17) Bowman-Haiku Stairs (or vice versa)

18) Haiku Stairs-Bowman shortcut-Likeke connector to Hoomaluhia: Begin and end on the windward side with a wow! walk on the Koolau spine in between.

19) Peahinaia: Substitute Malaekahana Ridge for Laie if do-able and time permits.

20) Heleakala to Makakilo: Start in Nanakuli end by Camp Timberline.


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