OHE July 1, 1997

Pat Rorie sends in the following:

Howzit Tom ?

Thank you for your admission of guilt ! :-)

But seriously there is no shame in doing a write-up of even the easiest of hikes ! We live in paradise and there are plenty of OHE members on the mainland who love to get e-mail about hiking in Hawaii !

As for closed hikes there is usually a way to do them without getting busted or harrassed. I got busted on April 6th after doing the Haiku Stairs. The sheriff took my name, SSN, and address which is on a wall in the main guard shack in Halawa Valley according to a neighbor who works on that side. On June 19 I went along the Omega Station Trail to work on it and extend it to the hole which is directly across from the start of the Haiku Stairs but discovered much to my horror that the holes in the fence have been closed. Unless you come from Moanalua Valley I don't think its possible to do the stairs unless someone reopens one of the holes.

Halawa Ridge is equally risky. It is possible to sneak under a bridge along the H-3 access road then scramble up the ridge but if a guard catches you you're busted ! A prominent member of HTMC was doing trail maintenance in that area on his own without permission from the authorities when a guard discovered him and pulled out his gun !

Castle can be reached from Pu'u Kamapua'a although Grant Tokumi and friends were able to get to the trail head without detection. In general it is best to come down a closed trail so if you get busted you can tell them you're lost, ask for directions and apologize.

When coming out of Kapalama Trail on November 10 of last year after doing Lanihuli a sheriff in his black truck approached me but I didn't stick around to receive any verbal abuse especially since I had my bolo knife drawn.

The trail head of Ohulehule's southeast ridge is near unfriendly people who have lots of dogs so it is truely closed.

Special permission from the caretaker of Koa Ridge Ranch is required to do Kipapa Ridge Trail.

Otherwise the other closed hikes in Stuart "Guru" Ball's first book can be done without much fear of arrest or harassment. Other OHE members please correct me if I'm mistaken.

=="Psycho" Pat

Followup from Mike Uslan:

At 09:32 AM 7/1/97 -1000, Pat Rorie wrote:

>Halawa Ridge is equally risky. It is possible to sneak under a bridge along
>the H-3 access road then scramble up the ridge but if a guard catches you
>you're busted ! 

Drive up Halawa Valley Street and park near "Menehune Water" at the end of the road bordering the prison is a gate and a gravel road that leads to the top. I remember years ago going up here with mopeds when I was a kid.

Mike U.

Followup from Mae Moriwaki:


Yep, that's the way to do it. BUT there are "No tresspassing" signs by the locked gate. First time I went there, we were dodging three ton construction trucks barrelling down the road (and eating their dust--argh), but no one hasseled us. Second time, we were half-way up, then a truck slowly made its way toward us. "Busted" we thought. But it turned out to be a friendly hunter who decided to give us a ride to the trailhead.

The other way to get into Halawa is from the Aiea Loop Trail ( I THINK!! ) I've been at the trailhead, but never did go down.

Anyway ohe-ers, if you're going to do this hike, do it now. When H-3 opens up, a lot of the hike will be spoiled by the sound of cars speeding down the freeway.

Followup from Wing Ng:

Yes, near the intersection with Aiea Ridge trail, there is a very well-defined trail that goes down into Halawa valley that I followed for a few minutes. Then you have to cross the road and pick up the ridge going up Halawa Ridge. A Big Dip that you have to overcome.


Followup from Dayle Turner:

In addition to the upper part of the Kamehameha Schools grounds, access to the Kapalama Loop is available at the top of Alewa Heights Drive. Bill Melemai and I hiked the trail about a month ago. We parked in the lot above the dorm furthest up on campus and were not hassled by security, probably more as a result of luck and good timing rather than because Bill and I are alums of KS.


Followup from Mike Uslan regarding the trail from Aiea Ridge down to Halawa Valley:

Been there. I remember that trail. Went down it myself before they started construction on H-3. You used to be able to drive a jeep around down in that valley. Killer swimming holes too as I remember. Maybe when the freeway is done we can go reclaim those swimming holes.

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