OHE July 28, 1997 (b)

Sergio Lotenschtein (loetch@iav.com) contributed the following:
Sunday 7/27 Phyllis and I got a late start on Lanihuli. You guys are right. The dogs not as mean as he barks and after jumping two fences got on the trail and hiked without incident to the first scenic spot. The ferns take over at that spot and we ploug hed through uluhe cover that was taller than I, that's rather intimidating.

Since most of you have been on this one I'll just bring out some points of interest. The trek through ferns is exhausting as you know, the trail is so faint at times that one can mistake the true direction. There is one section up a ridge that meets up with another one coming from Nuuanu valley. Seems that someone has ribboned it all the way up and we heard voices below. I called out but thought I heard someone say "shit, someone's up there". The drop down to the crawling ledge is without footholds so we put up a small rope to help us drop down and up as well.

Crawling that hump is intimadating at first but damn what a good feeling to cross. We got to the base of the final climb and realized that we would be hiking out in the near dark. On a first hike I'm not all too confident of finding a trail in the shado ws of dusk so we turned back for some future time. There are about 3 false turns and thank you (whomever) for putting those very important ribbons up there. There is one unmarked spot on the way back that forks. To the left is nowhere familiar and the r ight is the correct way. I didn't have ribbons with me but marked a faint arrow on a trunk of guava (not sure if it was guava). Whoever goes up next please re-mark that spot.

Five hours to the top is a pretty accurate count. Don't know how Robinson managed to get back in 2. I was beat by the time we got to the car. Thanks for all the information about it. We'll go back but for now we'll keep trying new stuff.


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