OHE July 23, 1997

Patrick Rorie (prorie@hekili.k12.hi.us) offered this:

FYI Dr. Pete Caldwell has a wonderful photo book in stores near you. Its called "Adventurers Hawaii" and features both unique and incredibly beautiful photos of spots on the islands few if any (even hikers) ever venture ! Pick one up and provide Pete with more royalties. Perhaps he will use the royalties to produce a volume II which will certainly devote a large section to our hero and conqueror Dayle Kalama Turner. I am not worthy to untie the shoelace of his hiking boot !

Dayle K. Turner (turner@hawaii.edu) replied:

It is more likely, Paka-lolo, that Pete will devote a chapter to you and your after-work exploits. Now those are feats of a true adventurer and ones that I, or anyone else, would be hard-pressed to duplicate.

To give everyone an idea of the kind of reputation Patrick is developing, get a load of this--this past Sunday after trail clearing, Mabel Kekina, the crew boss, was telling Patrick that he reminded her of a "young Al Miller." Now who is Al Miller, you ask? Well, he is one of the leading daredevils of the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club (ask Wing). That is, until he developed some physical problems brought on by pushing the envelop too often. To be likened to Miller is flattering, to say the least.

So in addition to Psycho, and Paka-lolo, we now have another nick to stick on Patrick--no rhyme intended... :-)

--Dayle (not a hero or conqueror by a longshot)

Peter D. Caldwell" (pekelo@lava.net) replied:

Yo, Psych!

Thanks for the plug about the book. For sure, if there is a second edition, you and Dayle rate specual coverage. A shot of you modeling your state-of-the-art hiking attire would also be good. Photo ops are guaranteed hanging around Paka-Lolo. But I might need to loan you my camera to get shots of Piliwale ridge after work etc!


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