OHE January 18, 1998

Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 21:13:56 -1000
From: "Dayle K. Turner" (turner@hawaii.edu>
Subject: Weekend Hiking Haps

==Friday, 1/16==

Hiked to Olomana first peak and had the whole mountain to myself during the outing. Trail conditions were ideal because of the fine weather we had on Oahu all week. I used the John Hall method of ascent (hike slowly and steadily with minimal rest) and reached the top in about the same time that I usually take using my normal go-like-hell pace with slightly longer breaks. I felt more energetic using John's method, particularly during the descent. Cable/rope still intact on the rockface just before 1. No time or desire to push on to 2 and 3 today.

==Saturday, 1/17==

Raing poured down on Oahu for the first time in over a week, but since I had grinded out after the Olomana hike I felt compelled to log some trail time to balance the ledger, as it were. Did a jaunt up Kokokahi Ridge via Friendship Garden, collecting a huge bunch of those pesky kuku seeds on my boot laces, socks, and leg hairs for my trouble. The ridge trail is losing the battle to the flora and I told myself I'll have to get up there to do some clearing in the next couple months. The hike went okay otherwise and gave my legs a chance to recover from the Olomana workout.

==Sunday, 1/18==

Joined a group of a dozen-plus folks from the Sierra Club and Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club for maintenance work on the Halawa Ridge trail. We shoved off at 8:30, completed the lung-expanding climb to the ridgeline in about 20 minutes, and followed a 4WD road mauka for another 20 to 30. Thereafter, the trail portion of the hike commenced.

The next hour we pushed through quickly since much of the initial segment of the trail had been worked on a few weeks back by another SC/HTMC gang. After leaving the eucalyptus forest segment, we encountered long stretches of uluhe, which we hacked away at. We had intended to reach the crossover point well before lunch but ended up doing much more clearing than anticipated. As things turned out, we didn't get to the crossover point, which is roughly in line with the entrance of the H-3 tunnel, until just before noon. We ate lunch at a bend in the trail with a view of the trail as it wound around the ridge toward the summit and resumed hiking/clearing at 12:30.

Thanks to a large-scale clearing effort by the SC/HTMC a year ago, the segment from the crossover to the summit was in quite good shape. Three of us (Pat Rorie, a woman named Kathy, and I) worked our way to the top, opening up some overgrown sections as best as we could and hacking clear a lunch spot at the summit.

We left the top at 2 and got back to our cars at 4:30. Am happy to report Halawa Ridge trail (14-miles roundtrip) is in nice hiking condition, ready for the HTMC outing on March 1.


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