OHE January 9, 2000 (Makapuu to Kuliouou)

Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2000 16:43:10 -1000
From: JFEL873@aol.com (Jay Feldman)
Subject: [UTF-8] Saturday - Makapu'u to Kuliouou "The Hike from Hell"

Thanks to Justin Ohara, I feel like a post party pinata this morning. Thanks to the organizing skills of this man of iron, a group of 16 started out Saturday morning hiking to Kuliouou from Makapuu planning for lunch at Tom-Tom. Parking our cars in Kuliouou Valley, Pete Sofman, in his oft and ill used van carted the majority of the hikers to the base of Makapuu for our start at 8:35. In attendance were the already mentioned Justin and Pete along with some new faces and a mix of HTM and SoleMates: Nancy Rawlins, Mike Algiers, Helene, Gordon, Ken, Rich Jacobson, Rob(ert), Dick Cowan, Ed Gilman, Tammy and Tom, Thea Cousineau, and yours truly. Rich and I were the only two with radios, so of course, we stuck together through most of the hike. Justin constantly moved back and forth through the crowd looking after his brood, and the rest spread out along the trail like so much treacle. With the sun and a gusty breeze at our backs we made excellent time to the Nike site. Although clear views of the ocean provided not a hint of whale action, at our arrival at the ironwoods we agreed, looking out from our most perfect vantage point, the view was not short of spectacular.

Brenda Cowan had not joined us that morning, opting instead for a visit her acupuncturist for some knee-dling. Carefully following her therapist's advice to go home and take it easy, she decided to walk home via Mariner's Ridge and Kuliouou. We met up with her, wearing three knee braces (a marvel in anatomical distribution) just after lunch at the treed peak past Tom Tom. We also greeted Robb Geer who had volunteered to come from Kuliouou to set up a rope for our assistance past a spooky section with crumbly rock. Unfortunately, we has already passed the spot, so he was welcomed with a hint of sarcasm. Nevertheless, he was a welcome sight and we gave him a big hand upon his arrival; with Robb and Brenda we were 18.

As we moved into a no-man's land, where the dry sere surroundings made the trail obscure, adventuresome types went over, while exploratory types looked for contours around the rocky hills. There were a few ribbons, but not enough to clearly mark any real trail. Finally we arrived at the first of the tri-power poles indicating that our destination was almost upon us. Passing the second set really got invigorating as we arrived at the point where we knew, deeply and surely that it was all downhill from there.

After what proved to be an excellent and challenging hike, Justin had decided that a pot luck dinner at the clubhouse was de rigueur and had so warned everybody. A number of people had loudly indicated there was no chance of their attendance unless Justin brought his vegetarian lasagna. Justin happily agreed. There was an excellent array of food, and since the gathering had been announced on OHE, a number of other club members arrived and partook in the excellent foraging.

I offer three mighty cheers for Justin and this excellent adventure, with kudos to everyone who assisted him in pulling this off.


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