OHE January 3, 2000 (Waahila via Dole)

Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 21:37:37 -1000
From: JFEL873@aol.com (Jay Feldman)
Subject: Wa'ahila Trail, part way

Having skipped yesterday's hike (Kelena) I felt the need to stretch my legs today. I wanted to return to the site of our New Year's Eve campout to see if I could find my lost Mag Lite. Also, I wanted to try Dayle's entry via Dole Street. I emailed him early in the morning for the entry point and he graciously gave me the particulars. Arriving at the fire hydrant between the Dole Street bridge and faculty housing I started my climb following Dayle's suggestion that I accept only left hand branches going up and right ones coming down.

Starting out steeply in the open with lots of sun, I wondered if this was such a good idea, my shirt was quickly soaked. However, after 15 minutes or so trees and shade closed in, the trail leveled somewhat, and a bit of a breeze could be felt. In another half hour I was in the state park, warmed up and wondering why this initial course is not included as part of the club's Mt. Olympus hike. It allows you to substitute a warm up hike for Wa'ahila Ridge in place of the long drive up St. Louis Heights.

I usually don't like to hike alone but wasn't able to hook any non-working gentry into coming along today. Feeling a bit alone at first, I slowly began to enjoy my solitude, seeing only one person before the park, and only a few early lunch eaters at the park. Continuing on I began to sense the pleasure of being away from the city and surrounded by nature. The trail is mostly shaded, not too steep, and with the slight breeze and coolness in the air, I began to feel separate and in a sense liberated. Nature is a funny thing; as humans we are clearly part of the natural world and yet we seem to make great efforts in placing barriers between that world and our lives. Today, hiking alone in almost perfect conditions, those barriers easily fell away.

By the time I reached our campsite, I was certainly ready for lunch. I knew exactly what the time was, signaled by the city's warning sirens blasting on the first working day of the month. I ate, searched, ate some more, and searched some more, found a scrap of tangerine, a piece of plastic, and some parachute cord. But not my Mag Lite. Nevertheless, the excellence of the day and my free high made it all worth while. What the hell, I'll buy another flashlight; but I'll have to work hard to find another day like this one.


Reply From: Sunada Jason K PHNSY (SunadaJK@phnsy.navy.mil)

Dole St to Wa'ahila park and back makes a nice pau hana hike. Take one of the right forks up, poke around (look for "campers"), come up near the park entrance, cross park road to the trail near the boundary with the houses, poke around some more toward Palolo, loop back to parking lot. Return via the dirt road/trail to Dole St, taking the right forks to stay on the ridgeline, and catch a nice sunset (especially this time of year).

Where do you think you lost your flashlight?


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