OHE January 16, 2000 (Kamaileunu)

Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 23:54:37 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net)
Subject: Kamaileunu

My favorite calorie burner, Kamaileunu, comes up today. I figure that if I do Kamaileunu every Sunday for 6 months, I would soon catch up with Pakalolo :-) :-)

BTW my friend at the Makapuu outing, being the law school type, expressed concern that this clean-shaven young man is named after this illegal plant. :-)

But last night was one of the most miserable on Oahu, nonstop rain and wind, and so I got lazy and did not wake up early to catch the one-hour head-start, figuring, why kill myself on a miserable day like this.

The day turned out beautiful, quite warm, matter of fact. I started maybe 5 minutes ahead of the pack, and they caught up by the Heiau. I figured that I'd just get to the intersection with the Waianae trail and take a nap there.

There are occasional gusts of gale-force, which immediately lowered temperature by 20 degrees, but most of the time, it was quite warm. I was not making good time, and Ralph Valentino apparently felt the same. He was sleeping under one of the few trees 5 minutes from the intersection when I caught up with him, and I said I'll take a nap at the intersection.

Which I did, after a leisurely lunch, watching people come up on that pinnacle facing me, taking the cliff-side bypass. The bypass is perfectly safe when you do it, but looked at from my vantage point at the intersect, it looked stupendous. There is in fact a huge drop that steepens to 90 degree vertical if one were to fall off.

Apparently everyone passed my spot on the way back already. I got up at 2 pm and returned, and never saw anyone else.

Hydrated myself at one of the convenience stores along the highway. On the way back on H-1, I noticed the entire Koolau profile clear, with only high clouds above it, and with the Waiawa Gap dip showing off magnificently in the sunset. What a change in weather in 24 hours!

While the hike was only 3/4 of the usual calorie burn, it is still significant and called for a sumptuous dinner afterwards.


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