OHE February 21, 1999 (Palolo to Waahila)

Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 17:59:00 -1000
From: Wing C Ng (wing@lava.net>
Subject: First Ascent!

Again, having nothing else to do, I went back to Palolo-Waahila.

I am determined to finish doing this trail, and so I started at the bottom, which is at the end of Carlos Long St. in Palolo valley. In my 1980 map, there was a park there (Carlos Long Park?), but the current map shows nothing. The People's Republic of Hawaii has the unique distinction of abandoning a park!!, never heard of that in any other jurisdiction!!

There is a nice bridge and then some dilapidated steps. The park was abandoned all right. Overgrown vegetation replaced what must have been manicured lawns.

I picked my way up, trying to stay on the ridge top. There are various possibilities, and I marked mine, but any other way is okay, as long as one gets on the ridge top.

Soon I am on the one ridge top, and not too long after, at the power line pole. After that, the trail becomes quite overgrown, and it was great fun clearing it with loppers, mostly guava. I was startled to hear gongs of a lion dance and firecrackers, probably belated celebration of Chinese new year at the Palolo Chinese Home nearby.

Because I was busy trail clearing, it took a long time to get to the top, more precisely 3h 15m. I got to the same spot I got to last week when I came down from Waahila, and plopped down and called it a day. Had lunch, put up several more ribbons to mark the spot, and then returned the same way.

I cleared some more on the way down, taking 1h 40m to get out. The last 15 minutes, it started pouring.

Kawano said he did this as a kid after school, and took one hour. After it was cleared, it should not be difficult to do it in one hour now.

"First ascent" is slight exaggeration, as surely Kawano did it before. Let's define it as "no one we know has done it for the last 20 years"

Now it is ready for your hiking pleasure, pau hana perhaps.


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