OHE February 2, 1998 (c)

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 14:32:10 -1000
From: Anonymous
Subject: Haiku/Bowman

First of all, much mahalos to Kurt for showing us around the bunkers on Friday night. Everyone seemed to have a great time! Secondly, I'll tell you a little bit about the hike that Art and I did on Saturday. I'm not much of a writer, so bear with me here.

We took our time and really enjoyed the climb. The weather was perfect with no clouds, light breezes and shade on the way up. We ran into 5 young folks ahead of us on our way up (they were coming down) and compared a few hiking stories. It took us about 2 hrs to reach the top where we ate lunch and took a bunch of photos. There were tons of people out enjoying K-Bay as the weather was still hot and sunny. After about an hour or so, we started across towards Tripler and Bowman. It took us 1 hr to reach Tripler, and another 40 min to the Bowman summit. The summit trail wasn't bad at all. It was a little overgrown between Tripler and Bowman but very dry the whole way. All along we enjoyed the spectacular views.

We rested at the top of Bowman for maybe 20 min and started down. I had never been on the Bowman trail before, so I was ofter relying on Art to show me the way. It was great, kind of like having my own private guide! All I need next time is a porter to carry my pack, food and water, and extra clothes! Seriously, it was really nice of him to help me out the whole way. Anyway, the Bowman trail was a bit longer than I expected it to be. At the end it seemed if it would never end!! So many ups and downs!! I kept telling myself "This has got to be the last hump", only to be confronted with yet another. DOH!! Well, we only ended up in the dark for the last 45 min or so and Art helped me down with his headlamp. I guess I should have learned by now to always bring a flashlight and spare batteries whenever I go with anyone from OHE-L. It seems like whenever I hike with one of you guys we end coming out in the dark! Pat, are getting this!! We reached the basketball courts at about 7:30 and contemplated playing a little one-on-one before heading home but decided against it. (HA HA) Overall, a great day with superb views!!! Coming down Moanalua middle or Tripler would make the traverse a little shorter, but Bowman is a really neat trail and very challenging as well. Thanks to Art for showing me the way and getting me out of the dark at the end. Do it again soon!


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