OHE February 2, 1998 (b)

Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 12:57:33 -1000
From: Grant Tokumi (gtokumi@aloha.net>
Subject: Pu'u Manamana

On Saturday, Jan 31th, Alex, Stacie, Matt, Chad, and Hyun, went to Pu'u Manamana. The weather was perfect, very dry, no clouds, cool. I'm not one to boast, but the hike seemed kind of easy (not as dangerous). On my first trip to Pu'u Manamana back in April, I remember shear cliffs, walking on all fours, and fearing for my life as I tightrope walked across those narrow ridges. It was the most trecherous hike I ever went on. The weather was cloudy, and we were rained upon on our return trip.

This time, the weather was much better. We reached the Crouching Lion's head and decided to check it out so we took the 5 minute detour trail and climbed on the head for some pictures. Then we continued on to the scary parts of the hike without too much problems. After a while, I realized the scary parts that I feared so much was over, I said to myself, "Is that it??!! Did we just finish the parts that had freaked me out a while back??" My friends were thinking the same thing. One guy asked me, "Eh Grant, is there anymore scary parts up ahead?" I let them down. They were anticiating the hike of their lives, and was given an average one. What happened? I'm still trying to figure it out. The only thing I can think of is that Pu'u Manamana (the first time), was the first hike I went on that posed that kind of danger with narrow ridge walking. Maybe I just wasn't used to it that type of hike so it freaked me. But if that was so, then the people that went this time who never did narrow ridge hiking before should have been freaked out. Go figure. Maybe the weather played a big role. Anyways, we reached the summit and it was very clear. We ate our Zippacks and then began our return trip. The path was very dry. That made it easy to cross the narrow mossy ridge area because it wasn't too slippery. Reached the bottom with no problems.

Afterwards, we decided to go get shaved ice. There was supposedly a shave ice store up the road towards Laie so we went. But we didn't see no shave ice store. After I while, we ended up in Haleiwa, checking out the big surf and ate our shaved ice at Matsumoto's. I had Rainbow shaved ice with ice cream. $1.60. A good way to end the day.


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